In Case I Die...

…and you come to my blog to see what I’m all about because you suddenly realize how awesome I totally WAS. Well, before you go any further and think of me as a better person than I AM, I just thought I should mention that these are my favorite posts. Mostly the weird ones.

…oh, and if I’m not dead and you're just some old boyfriend spying on me, well, my husband is a computer genius and your computer is about to explode.

***HEY! Excuse the interruption, but today is April 23rd 2014 and I wrote this "tab post" about a million years ago. Or four, but that's still about a million in web years. Anyway, I decided to keep it up because the titles are funny, and ha! It's also a funny time capsule from when the babies were really BABIES, and now they are five and eight. It's a whole new world, and I'm a whole new person, but I like this snapshot of baby momma me.***

And the CATEGORIES are:

Nothing vanilla about my Just Plain Favorites:

The Road Trip

X-mas on the xmas

The Only One Of These I've Ever Done

Hopefully he's employable.

That time I didn't get arrested

"Oh my..."

I Hate Brushing My Teeth (yes that's really what this post is about.)

No Singing.

We Were Framed (our family pictures)

Sleeping Dragon

Saddle Up

Hey Sucker!

Holidays Schmolidays:

Halloween 2008

Wii are NERDS

We Heart You

Not Kidding

Halloween 2009 "Star Warmers"

Thanksgiving 2009

Valentines 2010

Halloween House 2010

Best Halloween Movies (fyi)

Handmade Christmas 2010

Valentines of 2011

Angry St. Paddy's of 2011

Work Hard. Play Harder. (parties and adventures)

Russell's 4th Birthday (VROOM!)

Veterans Day

So You Think You Can Dance

Just Beachy

For the love of cupcakes...

Mario Kart

Mario Invitation

Norah Baby Shower!! (before I made slideshows :)

No Cupcakes Allowed! (russell's school bday treats)

THE Mario Party of the Half Decade

Halloween Camping? That's scary stuff.

Tea For TWO!!

Monkey Business

Birthday Animation Time!

DIY and SEWING!! aka "How can something that feels sew right, be sew wrong?"

Jazz Hands

I Have An Illness

Sew Scary!!


Mario Karts for THREE



Brain Function



Money Doesn't Grow on Amazon, Kid

Once a cowboy...

Lock You In The Tower

Peeping Tom


I Eat Gingerbread People


Don't Fall Down Fred Astaire

Whoa Is Me

Nice Pants


Questionable Parenting

You make my heart beep.

Ham Lincoln

Saved By Cutie Pie

Charmed, I'm sure.

Alice (who lives in the palace, but she's not the princess, she cleans the kitchen and kisses the stable boy because who cares about a dumb ol' prince? at least that's how the 'rap' goes down at our house):

A Little Bit

This One's a Little Fishy

Today I saw my future...

Sugar and Spice. You know the Rest.

Little Miss Potato Head


Baby. It's what's for dinner.

No Teeth?

I can't STAND this post

My ONE and Only

Worth a Thousand No Words

Down The Rabbit Hole

No Words

Lizards and Stitches

Naked In The Backyard

A Dead Lizard, That's Who

I Scream, You Scream!

Two Words: Plate Glass (2009)

My Favorite Taboo Topics :)



So Moe


Not Taboo (but I couldn't figure out where else to put it!)

B Why U

When Blogging Helped Me Find My Feet (sometimes literally! I've lost 70 lbs since I started this blog :)

Becoming a Ferocious Mom


It's True

Again with the screaming.

My One And Only Diet Post

The Sacred Heart of Mary

My New Band!

Practice Makes Puddles

Ten Long Years (our new wedding bands)

Something Has Me

I Bet You Think This Post Is About You

So Human


All the gory details...


You can't quit! You're FIRED.

Last, but not the LEAST embarrassing... Polly Pocket

Pink Fat Fingers

I can't sleep.

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