Thursday, June 11, 2015

Well THAT took a weird turn...

Hi, my name is Freaking Out, and I am in love with a 2 x 4.

I did the activating coat on the three-step process of the "metal effects" rust colored paint when it was almost dark, so I wasn't able to watch the transition.

My addiction began when I woke up to this:

My behaviors will effect you in the following ways: I'm sanding the stain off of the other railings so they can all look like this...and I'm probably gonna talk about it a lot.

Then I'm pretty sure I'm going to start buying frames, knickknacks, and even using it in completely inappropriate ways like with a stencil on a T-shirt! Yes!

...before I tried it I thought I was in control... I could stop whenever I wanted... then I tried it once and now I don't want to stop! Ever!!!!

Sorry I won't be attending any other meetings--I'll be too busy posting pictures of rust colored objects on the Internet!!

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