Friday, May 22, 2015

History is 20/20

...too bad I was so busy looking back I tripped right over this log in the road. OUCH :P

Hey! I had to take a blog break while I decided how to move forward talking about ADHD that allows my experiences already documented with my own young children stand if it felt appropriate--which it does. We are all different. I have reviewed and I stand by how remarkable even the most difficult posts show my son to be--in addition to the fact that the ability to discuss and break down walls is a path my whole family is already on. I just needed to find new ways to follow the progression of the challenges a family goes through while allowing my now school aged children privacy.

With my ADHD family education focus, I have new personal stories, references, and ways to talk about mental health and wellness that maintains the privacy of everyone involved.

Oh, yeah, baby, I'm saying what you think I'm saying.... I'M BACK!

I had some good facebook posts over the last two years that I will be back posting over the next little while, as well as cleaning up my side bars and overall look, but I. Am. Back.

Phew! Get ready, fingers, we have some truths to lay down! Drop the mic...

Sunshine, OUT

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