Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In the Midnight, In the Moonlight.


So, I have this friend who went through a heart wrenching divorce last year and has since sworn off jumping into a serious relationship so she can focus on her cool kids and career... but unlike myself who would probably stop shaving my legs and use the now vacant other half of my bed to hold midnight snacks and vampire trash novels, she has quite cheerfully thrown herself into loads of casual dating, totally puts herself out there, and is somehow as engaging and funny as always while she deals with her new normal and the day to day grieving (and restructuring) process that comes from the total annihilation of that little thing we call hopes and dreams. Her reward for this mischief?

Among her suitors she is dating a MOUNTAIN MAN. Like, she met him when he was TRADING leather in the mountains, he sleeps on a rot iron bed in the small cabin he built with mud and straw, showers with "two water jugs hanging in the sun", and last week sent her a text that said:

"Ive been scraping a hide that I started yesterday. And smoking hides. And Ive got an elk to skin in a couple hours. I might have a rifle sold, so I may have to go an mark it as sold on the internet. And soaking a hole with hide water to dig out for log fence Im building. What are you up to?"

I'm telling you this because when she calls me and tells me on their first date he picked her up in full cowboy getup and they made out in his truck in the rain, well... I can't help but think it's kind of a tragedy she doesn't indulge all of us with Facebook status updates about this.

(you know, since she's a respectable person, and I wouldn't know a secret if it punched me in the mouth)

Whew! I feel better. See, lady, I told you this belonged on the internet. Just think of all the single thirty something moms you've inspired to get out there with their awesome selves!

Now I have to go. I'm setting up the hose to spray over the driveway and I'm going to try and convince Jon to make out with me in his truck when he gets home from work.


Lorraine said...

A) Peter Rowan Song, I said it first.

B) I like that he skins hides, but also texts.

C) Your friend is impressive.

Caroline Kingsley said...

Alright, you convinced me 'liss. For better or worse, and with Ollie's permission and help, I started putting our strange little romance to paper, so to speak. If anyone out there is bored, feel free to take a peak ...

And Lorraine, thanks :P