Friday, March 29, 2013

I love a good parade!

I'm obviously not the first person to think this, but if we are talking bible here, I'm pretty sure the resurrection of Jesus happened the way it did because it was supposed to teach us not to fear death... but if you look around, as a culture, I think we fear it more than ever. 

If you have a minute you should watch this video, I saw it once a long, long, time ago and I have never forgotten it:

The living children or grandchildren take up the bones of their ancestors from the ground, they "re-flesh" them with paint, wrap them in silk, then have a parade through the village as they take their honored loved one to their final resting place in the family mausoleum and then celebrate all day. I LOVE THIS. It’s not a sad day for them. I would seriously love it if my grandchildren carried my painted and silk wrapped bones through town, singing and joyful, to our family crypt! I hope they would eat a lot of dark chocolate that day and watch reruns of Judge Judy and Cops, pray to my dead cats, kiss and hug each other more than is appropriate, and go somewhere they can see the whole sky when the sun sets. 

I don't know what is up in my grill but I am so not interested in the Easter Bunny this year. Maybe it's the passage of time… I know I’m not the only person going through the transition when the people who have run the universe you live in, your parents or grandparents, are no longer the immortal beings you remember. You know; how you find yourself worried about them, or regretting how young they might still be if you hadn't been such a butt stink when they were raising you? However we got to what I call our "omnipotent thirties" (when we have the small children, the crazy schedules, and find ourselves running the universe), we are now more aware of life's many paths, the importance of our choices, and interestingly, I think we are more conscious of the imminent END then when we were in our "all knowing twenties."

And holy cow, life is hard. And oh my gosh, life is so wonderful it's sort of terrifying. 

Lately Russell (you know the SEVEN year old) has been contemplating his own baptism and the meaning of life and his ultimate demise. I wish I was kidding. He is supposed to give a talk in church in Sunday about "if Jesus stood beside me" and he is so stuck because suddenly the explanations about Jesus aren't cutting it: "Is he dead? Or isn't he? You can't be both." Real quote.

Um, he's undead? 

Listen Russell, I like to let you work out stuff on your own so I try not to push my opinions on you, but hear me now: maybe I don’t know this, or mean it in the same way other people mean it, but Jesus Lives. He died and now he is alive. for real, or in your heart, or in the bible, but he is far from dead... and I will live again, too. If I live in the clouds, on this earth, if I come back as a blade of grass, I will never be done, and I am not afraid to die. Our time, it is OURS. Every good day we have can NEVER be undone, the bad things to come don't scare me because they are part of my ALL TIME. You know, and eternity. The good and the bad help us understand why we are alive. I can't stop bad things from happening, but no one can ever stop the good days we've already had. They will exist in the universe forever. This isn't religion, this is science, Man! And Jesus? Our heavenly parents, our families on earth? They can't be undone, it's already happened. That love has already been given, it is already in the air, it is already fact and that is what matters.

Will I rise out of the cold embrace of the earth in a fresh new body someday? I don't know (and probably not if I keep talking like this), but that's a lot of people! It's kind of more than my brain can process (have you been to Disneyland on a Saturday in the summer? Like that, except with more people and less ice cream) …but I hope so. And if I don't, know this: I am at peace. You know, ‘cause I'm dead, and because I’ve already put my love in the air, into fact, into existence and whether I'm sleeping or awake, it can't be undone. 

Don't be afraid my children. Be brave. Be kind. Be faithful if you can. 

So we are skipping Easter. After church we are heading to an old cemetery down south with the kids to make rubbings on the tombstones. We're taking a picnic lunch, our camera, our giggles and our reverence. We will talk about all the ways we can live again, about the people below our feet, the angels all around us, and what the word resurrection means to us, in our family, today. 

I'm really looking forward to it :)

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