Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mary Poppins Costume Grand Finale


If you get Mary Poppins overload just yell Uncle! I probably won’t stop posting Mary pictures, but it will startle anyone nearby, and that would be funny. I am almost done with the slideshow from the Mary Birthday Party, but before I put Alice’s dress in a shadow frame for her wall, we just HAD to put it on one last time and see if we would finally get our Mary and Bert to meet the REAL Mary and Burt.

There was minute, fully costumed in the car, when we heard that Mary would not be at the park today. Determined to make the best of it we arrived anyway only to be flagged down by Disney Employees waiving their arms calling “Turn around!”

Brace yourselves!


is the magic that followed:


I. Cried.

I didn’t mean too! But that dress, I made it for Alice for fun because she loves Mary, and then it took over the last few months of our lives in a practically perfect way. I’m so grateful for the beautiful sunshine that came out today and for the opportunity to have big dreams for my tiny humans, to live in a place where they are possible, and then be there when some of them come true.

Amen :)


Scarlet Sunrise said...

Cute <3

AvionBell said...

very lovely. I truly believe that was an amazing holiday trip.
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