Monday, January 7, 2013

It’s not me, it’s you.

Dear Technology,

Once again our relationship has become unhealthy and we are GIVING YOU THE BOOT! Well, for a week. Expect things to be different when you return.

Love, The Kings

Just like all of our cats, we don’t pick our Technology Breaks, they pick us! If you try to plan a Technology Break it will always be “next week.” Even when next week arrives, somehow Technology Break is still next week!

And then, as in Breaks of the past, a few weeks of relentless technology sounds boil over and Mom puts down Bubble Witch in the middle of a great move and says “DONE!”

Then Mommy, despite her own immediate and building withdrawal symptoms <and maybe a little whimpering>, asks to Daddy hide all the iPad’s. Yes, ALL of them <more mommy whimpering>, uninstall Facebook and Safari from the iPhone's, unplug all the computers except the one in his office that has had the chair replaced with one mighty uncomfortable little square stool with no cushion or back rest. What it DOES have, is a sweet little record player and a cushion bench for Miss Alice to play her Disney Read Along Records while I type this, keep up with important emails and maybe give the occasional Facebook update about our deep suffering.



We started this at 4pm yesterday and by 8:00pm kids were asleep and we had already gone on a slow short forest walk after a day of everyone being very sick, we had made a small chicken soup dinner, together! Talking and hanging out in the kitchen, sat down together and ate it, read stories snuggled with mommy in bed…

…and then…

<brace yourselves>

Jon vacuumed the living room. JUST BECAUSE.

Before we ate dinner we had a family meeting where Russell shed some great big tears, but we let everyone talk about their favorite parts of technology, and I frankly told Russell that I feel like when he asks me if I want to draw with him, I would rather play iPad and that makes me feel guilty, but I don’t know how to feel different. I need practice, I wonder if he would like to draw with me more? Then we agreed that once a day Russell and I would sit together in Dad’s office and play half an hour of our favorite computer game Mystery Case Files together. We used to do that all the time before iPads! And we sat down with paper and pencils! and began to outline the iPad game that our family has always wanted to create with our children's art and voices. 

It’s amazing how many things I’ve been meaning to do, and how little time I seem to have to do it. As we have done during breaks in the past, I now have a small notepad I keep with me that I use to jot down notes for what I would normally pull out my iPad for… and then never did because I see something shiny and end up reading about the divorce of a “celebrity” I’ve never heard of.

Now I can sit on my uncomfortable chair for bit, head down my list, make technology work for ME (instead of the other way round), write this blog post, write overdue thank you notes for Christmas presents, send a bday present out through etsy, begin compiling the Mary Poppins Bday pics, and then walk out of daddy’s office, closing the door behind me iPencil and iNotepad in hand :)

I feel anxious. I feel RELIEVED. I feel my fingers twitching for a screen to swipe across. I feel FREE to blow off all the things I have felt obligated to do recently, like tv shows that “must” be watched, tragic news that “must” be read, invest in political bickering that NEVER ENDS. I am pretty sure I won’t be able to stop myself from sometimes thinking in the form of Facebook updates, but I promise to write them down and give the best ones in a BLOG POST later this week. You know, my sad neglected blog where I used to spin my hopes and dreams and now sits ignored. 

Oops! The Pete’s Dragon Record has come to an end and the Tiny Pink Punk just lifted the back of my shirt and pressed and ice cold Fresca to my warm skin!! YIKES!! I guess that means time is up!! Hahahahaha, look I even have this picture on my desktop of the face I made when she did it:


Hey, that’s also the face my family made when I told them about our Technology Break :)

See ya around peeps!

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