Friday, December 21, 2012

Support a Marine family this Christmas! (for reals)

As the wife of a Navy Veteran I'm always looking for ways to give back to our service men and women. This year I have been drawn to the Marines since my beLOVEd cousin Montana is headed there in March. We tried to talk him into the Navy to the point of getting smacked, but now that he has begun his pre boot camp training the change that has come over him steals my breath a little. This is a kid who was born for honor, and now he's becoming a man, one of The Few and the Proud, right in front of us. 

So I reached out to one of my high school besties, Ms. Deanna, who lives in Japan with her beautiful family, and works for the Sailor and Marine Relief Society. I asked if I could just send her some money? Could she get it to our service men and women and the families she serves? She sent me this link (which we should all bookmark)

I will use that, but again I pushed her, "I don't like giving cash, I never know where it goes, but I know YOU, can't I send you some money and know you'll get it to someone who needs the holiday pick me up?" This was her response:

"As a society, we put 100% of donations right back to the Sailors and Marines.  You can choose some of our other programs to donate to like our educations programs or our visiting nurse program. I recently have setup a visiting nurse program here in Iwakuni. The nurse goes to new parents' homes and helps them out with whatever they might need after a baby is born. It's wonderful especially because we have so many young mothers here and they are so far away from family. She is volunteering her time to do this too."

I. Cried. I moved to California at 8 months pregnant, I know what it feels like to tackle something so overwhelming so far from everyone who loves me enough to see me barf covered in a three day unwashed shirt and no bra with peanut butter in my hair, but I had Jon with me. And I was in my home country. I love Deanna for this suggestion and I feel enormous gratitude for this visiting nurse and the time she donates to our Sailor and Marine families in their time of such great need. 

In addition I will be asking Deanna to use some of the money to buy some baby blankets and essentials so when the nurse goes to visit a family she has a stock of items to pick from to help the new family. I would gather these items here, but I'm not sure that is cost effective with the price of shipping to Japan, and I know Deanna will do a good job budgeting and setting that up.

Thank you, Deanna, I am so proud to be your friend. And, of course, thank you to all our service women, men and families, especially during these holiday seasons and every other day of the year. 

Did this strike a nerve with you, too? Join me in donating to the Sailor and Marine visiting nurse through my friend Deanna by clicking on the button below. Just imagine your ten bucks swaddling a new Marine baby overseas, and then give me one good reason you don't want to join me on this :)


(don’t worry it’s all secure through paypal, I just liked that graphic :)


Deanna said...

Now you're making me cry.

padruss said...

Montana Rocks and so do you. I like your comment here and your suggestion. Dad