Thursday, August 2, 2012

When Less is More

Today is my TWELVE year anniversary. My thirties are awesome, but having at least one grade school aged child and more than a decade’s worth of romance with the same dude makes me feel old.

Oh, and incredibly lucky. Like, “hit myself in the face with a PAN” kind of blessed.

(don’t worry, I asked Russell if I could use that phrase to tell the internet how I felt about his dad, and he said it would “probably be okay,” but to not use it too much or I might wear it out. Oh, buddy, I am going to wear it so all the way out, he should charge me per usage.)

Anyway, lucky for you I don’t have oodles of time to abuse myself with kitchenware so I’m going to keep this short.

~ It's possible (optimistic even) to guess I've only done dishes twice in the last 3 years, oh most despised of all chores! (I should balance the impression I just gave you of my sad housekeeping by a little preening about how I run the well oiled machine of the other "most despised of all chores" LAUNDRY, but since it's unlikely I would do either if Jon didn't do those damn dishes I'll just say THANK YOU JON KING! I love you even more than I hate dishes!)

~ Despite his turning forty this year, I have yet to detect the aroma of formaldehyde and still crave the smell of his neck before I go to sleep. (except sometimes when I’m there I glance up to find these totally insane hairs growing out of his EAR. No, not the inside, ew, the TOP. Or the earlobe. Like overnight alien invaders waving the flag of discovery one wiry grey hair at a time. And then I pull them out without warning :)

~ My husband has zero qualms about therapy. Me going, going with me, he supports my mental health and promises to someday acknowledge his own crazy when he has time and especially if I don't stop driving him there soon.

~ He has blinders for me. I have never seen him look at another woman, even when I'm like, "ugh, I will never have a buns of steel." which is always followed by a look of bewilderment until he scans the crowd for whatever spandex clad super model has just passed him unnoticed.

~ He lets me blog pretty much whatever I want (ref above “neck smelling/ear hair”)

~ He also willingly reads (or listens to readings) of the blog that has inspired the most important conversations of our marriage from my friend Tara on her brilliant and often inappropriately hysterical blog

I could go on, but instead I‘ve been thinking of penning a steamy romance novel and I’ve got the cover art narrowed down to a couple pics from my real life:

DSC_0051 (2)



Do you see those hands? The ones that tie the pink baby’s swimsuit or willingly set up treats on Ham Lincoln day?

Those hands have held mine for 13 years. Putting the MAN in romance with those hands.

Happy Anniversary, Jon King.


Brookelyn said...

Absolutely beautiful! You two have a love story that will go on forever and fill your lives with memories that are both hysterical and inspiring for yourselves, your children, and all that know you. Congratulations and I am glad to have been witness to the process.... and his chest...sans wiry gray hairs. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Good job. Steve's and my 25th is the 4th. We went to Florida for our honeymoon and that's the last time I saw Jon. Keep up the good work!!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary, I hope you are enjoying your weekend away from the kids just like newly weds would! (I can say that, right?)