Saturday, July 7, 2012

We Are Expecting!!

No, not pregnant…

wait for it…


Don’t be mad, I’m sorry I’ve kept this from you! I know more is expected from me since I tend to disclose my feelings and thoughts in a regular all-you-can-eat buffet of oversharing that, like the underwater jello bar in the Las Vegas Mirage, should always be accompanied by a wetnap and Pepto-Bismal,

BUT, this has been a few months of careful searching. We’ve been waiting for the magic to strike with particular specifications (8-12 week old striped boy and girl siblings) and it just wasn’t happening.

Enter Miss Fern:


She turned our search upside down! I could not move on. She became the one I compared all others to. She wound her tiny kitten self into my hardened practical heart… and sent me on a search for one tabby boy for her to bond with.

Which is how we found ourselves a Nelson:


From now on only to be referred to by his proper cowboy name of Roy Rogers. That’s right, as in “No Roy Rogers, you can’t go outside.” And “Roy Rogers! We go pee pee in the litter like a big kitty! We don’t pee pee on the blankets like a baby kitten.”

(you can have 1 guess who picked that name…)

(Okay, I’ll give you a hint: it was the same person who, when asked if he liked the kitten, told the Vet “I am going to whack my own self in the face with a PAN he is so pretty!!”)

And I really would have told you about all this, but then the application process began…

…and, well! I know we’re not handing out roses on the Bachelorette here, but we are already kind of in love! And what if we don’t get accepted?! I can’t bear to break my heart in real life AND on this here blog.

(Dear Utah friends, not only is preschool $180 a WEEK instead of $180 a month here in Southern California, I have to admit, they take their childcare almost as seriously as their pet adoptions. More proof we’ve come a long way since we rescued Spooky from behind that dumpster almost 8 years ago.)

But tomorrow we head up to Ontario to hopefully bring home our girl Miss Fern! And after poor Roy Rogers gets himself all “fixed up” on Monday, things are looking good that he should be able to come home shortly thereafter as well. All’yup. Howdy is right!

(For those of you who might be wondering, I asked Spooky if she would care to comment on the upcoming additions and she maintains she doesn't know what I am referring to, and intends to not know, ever, as long as they keep away from her tuna dish. I said that was fair.)

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Caroline Kingsley said...

lol @ the dumpster. My you've come up in the world, Kings. I'm so excited to meet them. As far as the PAN comment goes, reminds me so much of his mother!