Friday, July 13, 2012

Friends don’t let friends drive sad.

So, some of you may remember a few posts ago when I was whining about a difficult day (shocking I know), and in the middle of that day I was startled and angered by some big jerk in his dumb fancy truck? On purpose!


Well, today I would like to wish that big jerk a BIG Happy Birthday! Yeah, turns out the guy who honked and scared me followed by pointing and laughing at me was actually our very good friend Doug and his son Landen who were pointing and WAIVING. You know "hello" not "let's scare the tired mom waiting to turn right at the crosswalk" like my dramatic friend Mr. Pity Party had assumed.

I would have told you guys sooner, but the night I posted this he sent me an email which I didn't even read because a mere ten words in (something about not realizing the Semi-truck horn option on his truck was still on from towing their trailer the day before) everything clicked and I was suddenly reliving a total flashback of the whole movie in humiliating slow motion. Then I literally fell off the couch and died. Jon was very concerned until my heart returned to motion and I began sputtering "it...was...DOUG" which made zero sense to him.

Ding ding ding!

Until it did.

Then he proceeded to laugh so hard the real miracle of this story is that he also survived that night. 

In my defense, we still haven't lived in this densely populated location for long enough to expect recognizing friends on the road, and a semi-truck horn is seriously startling! In Doug's defense, the worst part of reading my blog post was the part where he was POSITIVE the post had a happy ending because he saw the words Home Depot were coming and he so clearly remembered cheering me up when he saw me sadly waiting to turn. 

Doug! On your birthday please note, you are responsible for a great deal of cheer around here! And other things that rhyme with cheer!! In fact, I am not sure Jon would ever be "cheerful" quite so often if wasn't for Friday's at the LaFlammes!!!

For a reward, at the movie tonight you and Jon can have the boys and popcorn all to yourselves, while Stacy and I keep those awful baby girls contained with their 3D glasses in the back of the theatre. It's the least I can do.

Happy Birthday, man! Honk, HONK!! 


(p.s. friends also shouldn’t let friends wear sombrero's, but not all of us can pull it off with such panache!) 

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Lorraine said...

That is the best ending to a sad story ever. EVER.