Friday, July 6, 2012

Follow Up to the Playdate

Two posts in the same day! Although, this one is a short rant I will probably take down later. Nothing catastrophic happened, just tears. Sad predictable tears. And all the parties involved are such beloved shining faces! It bums me out that I hoped we were moving into a phase where I could get a break for an hour.

One of the challenges of growing up and being responsible for the things in life that are disappointing or not what we expected, is learning not to confuse HOPE with wishing things were different. Setting Russell up for success involves not setting him up in situations where I HOPE things will go well because other kids get to go to a playdate and not have it end badly. In fact, wishing he could experience things the way other kids get to is one of the most difficult realities I have to accept. And I must. And it is harder than the medicine dance, the school challenges, and the relentless motion in our house. Plus I wish for MY sanity the kid could just go on a friggen playdate.

I’m actually pretty good at loving my life unless I try to do anything outside of my house… and get reminded why we never leave the house. And sometimes it’s so bitterly disappointing. But I have HOPE that I am going to wrap my brain around this challenge. And I don’t need to hope that I love the kid. I am a fish and he is the water I swim in.




NO, I’m not doing three posts today, but I do feel like I should either take this post down OR attach my current facebook status to it so the story comes full circle in one place. Since I always say I’m going to take down my moaning pathetic blogs but never do, I think we all know why I’m here.

“Alissa King Says: Dear Nice Friends who are being very patient with the play-by-play of my emotional well being today: Russell's swim lesson was awesome. In fact his teacher said it's the best one he's ever had, and he is very surprised and happy with how quickly he improves from lesson to lesson. As long as I don't burn dinner and "people" are willing to eat it, I'm optimistic about the overall score of today's game...”

Oh yeah, and they ate it all up :)

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