Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick, give me all your money!

So, I've got other posts on the back burners almost ready to go up... but tonight, before I forget, I have to to write a quick blog about how Alice prays. Like, we sort of started doing it because it is adorable, but lately it's a way to reinforce gratitude in her small scope of the world. Practicing thankfulness. Anyway I tell her to fold her arms and close her eyes and then I say "dear heavenly father" and she says "dear heavnly fader" and then I say "thank you..." and then she says "thank you..." and then there is this long pause where I wonder if she'll remember what to do next, or if she'll want a little help starting, mostly I wonder what on earth is going on in her tiny head. It's really sort of a new thing here and she tends to bless Spooky Cat a lot so I was surprised when she burst out tonight with "for Janisse." This is a friend of hers whose house she used to go to weekly until her mom recently had a baby, it sort of startled and delighted me that she would think of this. Then she said "thank you for my mommy" yes! I rated higher than a cat today! "thank you for my window" sure, okay, I love my windows, too. "For my carpet," well technically it's MY carpet, but again, I appreciate her noticing since when I picked it I almost wore my fingerprints off feeling samples for two weeks (and of course now that we live here I didn't realize anyone else noticed what a good job I did), "and gramma."  

It's kind of like she's a gumball machine, except when you put in a quarter awesomeness pours out.


Sharron said...

considering me right now, no blog post in the universe could be so wonderful. she is first in my will right now (if there's any left over after medical bills!). i love her and miss her SO much, thank you for this very dear post.

Alissa Rae King said...

You are welcome, mommy! I have to say, I'm glad you took it the right way since if this were Alice's "Will" you would be getting whatever was left after the carpet and the windows got their share... I personally think it's the best compliment you can get in the world to be on par with the things that are immediately around a three year old when they are trying to recall the their favorite things :)

Sylvia said...

One of the cutest, and prideful prayera that I've ever heard. Good job! Gramma really needs prayer right now, and God most certainly heard.