Friday, June 1, 2012

Pink White and Blue

Ham Lincoln Day is tomorrow. I know this because Russell seems taller this morning and best friend Norah arrived last night to help me pipe pink pig icing and prepare Lincoln log pretzels! You’re just going to have to wait for pictures to understand anything I’m saying here :)

Before we get to tomorrow though, I need to shout out to my family. Some of you may have already heard, but last week my nice momma had an accident on our family’s farm, she had an unfortunate meeting with the ground after climbing and very tall haystack and broke her pelvis and tailbone. We don’t have to get into details here because, imagine that! I do have a filter for some information (just not my own.) What I can tell you is that I love my mom, and that there is a Lois Lane from Lehi Utah who is making her helpless coast dwelling big sisters very proud (and useless) with her wonderful attention and care in this situation.

I’m also so grateful in the midst of our families scrambling to support our mom and communicate with each other, that my dad has been driving all over the western united states running the errands that keep life afloat and include delivering the LIFE SIZE Lincoln log house he built for Russell’s party. The awesomeness of this house will be fully documented tomorrow. It may seem silly we were even worried about this with all the things that have been going on, but after my dad came and built it with Russell and Alice, I got this picture:


It’s one of my favorite pictures of all time. In the middle of life’s troubles we were able to stop and laugh and get great big papa hugs before he races back to Utah and delivers our hugs and kisses to grandma.

Tomorrow, you guys.





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Lillian said...

Awesome beyond words! Praying for your Mama and you and your brave Papa and all your brave family! Love you!