Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ham Lincoln Day

Today Russell held up his fingers and said “When I grow up I want to be four things:” licks his lips “an astronaut,” one finger goes down “a chef,” down goes another “a…” at which point Jon and I, from opposite sides of the room, both ask “A cowboy?”

Not a beat, nor breath, nor split second of thought is required, just the quick exasperated shake of the 7 year old brain container atop his shoulders before he states;

“I already am that. That’s not a job.”

Like, if this were a job interview next to ethnicity he would select “Caucasian” followed by

Cowboy? Check ONE:

Yes  _X_   No ___

A non negotiable state of being.

And hey! This adorable true story brought to you by HAM LINCOLN DAY!! That’s right, it’s SLIDESHOW TIME! Trust me, with musical selections chosen by the Window and Carpet worshiping baby sister, this is not a slide show you want miss:


Where did we get all those adorable children you may ask? Well, it just so happens that for Russell’s smaller morning party we invited all the “Late Birds” from kindergarten. We were planning a later BBQ that we cancelled last minute, but never fear, Papa’s “mobile” cabin means this Ham Lincoln Day can travel all over the calendar. We intend to Ham It Up ALL summer!!

The best part about this group of kids is that since Alice and I spend so much time at school lately, even though it breaks the “how old the kid is turning is how many friends you invite” rule, these kids let me (kind of) boss them around all week so not only did Russell get a party that didn’t overwhelm him, but I got to have so many of my tiny friends over to the house! I felt enormously lucky to have these little squirrels in our backyard, and in our lives! A little Ham Cupcake was the least I could do :)

If you’re a fellow party enthusiast and/or parent who would like to see or download any pictures, you can do so at the following link:

Click HERE for Ham Lincoln Party Photo’s

And if you are one of my rad “pinterest peeps” never fear, I’ve got your thumbnails right here:

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Happy Ham Lincoln Day Everybody!! And Happy birthday to our golden hearted boy with his golden smile and his dirt flavored lips. XOXO!!


Sharron said...

Woo Hoo, awesome slideshow! Except for how grown-up RusselltheCowboy is looking :( Of Course being a cowboy is not a Job, every real cowboy (and cowgirl) knows that, so my condolences for getting one of those, DNA-born-into-him-before-he-was-born-ride-em-down-shoot-em-up types, EXCELLENT news for me however! Love him and all you cowdudes so much!

Erin said...

I kind of feel like a superstar for getting to be there in person. Or maybe more like a paparazzi given all the picture taking. I'm so glad I got to be there and got to spend some time with your family. You guys add so much more awesomeness to my life.

DAA said...

Where did you find that great cabin?