Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Old Day Ago

Sometimes I still can’t believe it was almost seven years ago I went from Gigantosaurus to Mommasaurus for the first time... and yes, that means what you hope it means: It’s Party Time Again! Also, I’m pleased to announced that through a weird series of events the theme for Russell’s birthday party has sort of chosen itself:

(wait for it)


(smattering of applause, confused glances, I know)

Here’s the deal, I have had it in my head since I saw my friend Norah playing with her dad and GIANT Lincoln Logs that I was going to get me some of those!


What better excuse than a boy turning seven do we need to commission Papa Russ into engineering a set all our own?! So now we’ve got life size Lincoln Logs, and also Lincoln Log snacks in the works:


(disclaimer: please do not hold me accountable if for some reason our snacks to not turn out darling.)

Hey, that’s cool, right? And I’m like, “Cabin building! That’s enough, we don’t need a mega theme every year. I mean a person can only try and top a Space Cowboy Birthday in so many ways…”

Enter Uncle Dan who shows up quoting the old home video we have starring Preschool Russell’s favorite president “Ham Lincoln” (followed closely by “George Washingtood,” of course, but I think if we cut down any tree’s around here for a birthday party someone will end up going to jail which is a party theme more appropriate for your 8 or 9 year old demographic.)

(It’s funny cause they’re children.)

Anyway, brace yourselves, these are awesome:

So that’s it! Before another year passes and the possibilities slip completely through my fingers I officially declare Saturday June 2nd 2012 Ham Lincoln Day!!

Of course this theme is dependent on 1. That playing with Lincoln Logs and 2. Serving ham sandwiches actually constitutes a theme. 

We can do it! Come on you crafty devils, pull out your old President’s Day issues of Martha Stewart magazine! Does anyone out there have any strokes of genius that can make this theme stick?! A great template for a beard or a top hat perhaps? We will have two parties like last year, one small kid group in the morning that’s all about Russell, followed in the evening by, well, I wanted to say BBQ, but you don’t BBQ ham do you?!

<insert sound of creepy singing followed by the ku-pow of a self inflicted air gunshot wound to the head>

Also, I’ve just forced you to watch those video’s if you skipped them and want to get that joke. You’re welcome :)


Marf said...

One of my favorite books ever is Abraham Lincoln, vampire slayer. I vote you add some undead guests and a little gore to your Lincoln logs and ham sandwiches...there is a chance children might not enjoy a terror themed birthday

jordan.spain said...

I think you should do a variation of ham and add bacon to the menu. I know a good recipe for bacon wrapped dates. I be Lincoln ate dates...perhaps. But bacon should be on the menu!

jordan.spain said...

I meant to say, I BET Lincoln ate dates.