Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happ-eye Birthd-eye!! May 2012

First Post May 20th:

So, looking up "eye color" on the internet is actually pretty gross, it's mostly eyeballs and girls in bikinis. On the upside now I know Alice's official eye color is called "honey hazel" which is totally adorable. (Alice)                                 alice

Then for some reason I decided to post this:

Okay, eye have a fun game, if you don't want to just wish me happy birthday tomorrow, send me a picture of your eye instead! Eye think that a wall full of eyes would be awesome and creepy. Eye would totally do it for you...

What followed? Well, Eye will never forg-eye-t it!!

(eye would brace yourself if eye were you………)

Eye hope you get some eye scream with your cake. I would keep going, but my puns would keep getting cornea and I don't want to make a spectacle of myself. Happy birthday! (MaryAnn)


Eye yi yi! Happy birthday! (Tina)                               tina 1

Eye love u xoxo. Happy birthday! (Susan)                         susan

Eye wish I could see you for your big day ;) (Cuzin Emily)emily

Eye love you more than pie!
Happy Birthday!
Since you are the expert you can look up my eye color (Crystal)   crystal

He says "eye like you mom!" (Russell)            russell

Eye miss you!!! Happeye birthdeye!!!_ (katie)      katie

Well, "eye" can't be left out of this fun game...so "eye" wish you a happy birthday my friend. And "eye" even used the flash...and now "eye" can't see outta my left "eye". That's love. Truly. xo (Marcy)                        marcy

Chloe said she NOSE how to take good pictures with my EYE phone!         chloe 2

Eye can do it! Happy birthday! Eye, eye, eye!!! (Chloe again :)               chloe

HappEYE Birthday!! (Doug)                               doug2

One thing eye know for sure is that eye am not funny, but eye do hope you have an eye filled birthday! (Kristina)                                                    k king

Eye also hope you can name the color of this eye for your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alissa! (Kristina)                               k king2

This is the best eye could get of her..... For now! I know she 's ewe as much as eye dew. (Brooke and Pru)                                                      pru

Eye would like to wish you an early birthday! And, unless I scared you off a few months ago, eye would love to plan a summer get together miss you! Hope you have a loverly birthdizzle! (Kaytie)                                  kaytie

Alissa, Eye sure love you. Happy Birthday! You're one of my favorite pupil ever! (Auvi)                                                                                    auvi

Straight from my eye phone. Me and m'eye boy. Happy Birthday! (also Deanna)         the boy                                                                                   

I'm making this my profile pic to celebrate a very strange friend of mine.(Deanna)                                                                                                          deanna 

Paige's eye for your birthday! Drew and Montana will send you one later too.. I love you so much I hope you have a fantastic birthday cousin!!    paige

Happy Birthday! Eye hope you have a great one! (Jennifer)                     sister Carroll

(Pat)                                                                                                           pat

Eye wish you eye popping fun on your Happiest Birthday! (Leah)leah

Eye am so grateful that we met & for the amazing honor of Ur friendship! Eye hope this bday is full of eye opening & heart tugging moments! Enjoy Ur day, Alissa! XOXO (Isabelle)                                                            isabelle

Look! Eye get to see you on your birthday! Happy, happy birthday! Eye love you...and so do I! (Valeri)                                                 valeri

Andrew says happy birthday too! He heard you wanted something spooky, so he combined tasks and gave you a spooky eye andrew

(Eye was going to post a picture of m-eye cleavage since that's what pupils are always gazing at anyways, but iris-isted.) Eye hope you have an eye-nchanted birthday, Eye love you and your twisted sense (of vision) of humor! (Andrea)                                                        466617_234123173367409_1297911814_o

Eye love you cousin  FÚS DO RÄH!!!!!! (montana)       montana

Eye like this eyedea of asking people to take a picture of their eye for your birthday Alissa King. Happy birthday to one of the coolest humans I know (Colby)                                                                             colby

You are so bizarre! hahaha and that's why EYE love and miss you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Marisa)                                            Marisa

All these eyes are hurting my eyes. Eye love you! Happy birthday! (Jon)jon

2 Eyes (Henry and Pammi)                                          tina

Eye think your nuts, Alissa, but it was still a great eye-dea. (David)david

Eye would be lying if eye didn't admit eye'm a little amused with myself. My facebook friends are the COOLEST!!! (me)          me

Eye'm watching you. Happy birthday!! (LonaMae)                          lonamae

EYE am not sure about this request... so here is an EYE for you Hope you have a Happy Birthday with all your EYE's (Tiffanie)                                     tiffany

Happy Birthday Alissa (Leigh and Iggy)              379340_3861737018016_570009220_n

Eye must REALLY love you to post this picture. Eye gave up on the idea of make-up for the day seeing as how (like that?) it's 4:30 and eye'm on my way to yoga anyway. It also appears eye've given up on eyebrow grooming as well. And who gets freckles near their eye? Oh, me. And now that eye went and made this ALL about me...happy happy happy birthday to one of my mostest favorite persons who ever lived ever. (Kateastrophe!)                              kate

Heye! Eye hope you don't meyend my frames! What do you mean, eye'm doeyeng it wrong??? Eye leyeke eyet theyes way! (Eye have permanently rueyened my autocorrect on theyes phone now) Happy Beyerthday Seyester! HAHA — (Lois Lane)                                                                                 lois

Hey! Eye know you!  (Bryan)                                        bryan

Love you o.o (Drew ‘da POP)                                             292499_415307731836925_585195664_n

Happy Birthday love the Myricks                                                    myricks

Love You! (Cuzin Pyper)                                      pyper

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!! I love you!!!! herez me eyzball LOL...xoxoxoxoxxoxo   (Auntie Jacque)                                                        551149_366107163438935_691567117_n

Eye got Danny once he fell asleep!!! You need one sleeping eye, don't you?? (Dan via his dear wife Lorraine :)                                                             dan

Watch out for the BoogEYE man (ok, if I was a certain six year old boy I might slip a booger joke in there, but....I'm not. But know I'm thinking about it)....HappyEYE Birthday again!      (Doug)                                             doug

Ah, right under the wire, this creep show coming to you live from the last few minutes of the day. Thanks for catching him kids, in the future you can go ahead and put him outside and not in a tupperware by mommy's toothpaste.lizard

eye am sorry its a little late (ok a lot late) (Ericka) ericka

One more shot, because eye have a cute puppy!                           puppy

Sitting by the beach with my sweetheart, scrolling through the best birthday wishes eye ever could have asked for when my camera took a picture! Eye don't know why we look scared, we weren't scared! I promise, this wasn't scary at all you guys, not even a little, thank you so much for making this by far the strangest birthday of my life! XOXO love Alissa                                    jon alissa

The End…?

No, wait, eye have one more!russell face paint

NOW: The End.

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