Saturday, May 5, 2012

California Sister

Sometimes I talk too much. Today, I will let the pictures speak for me, suffice it to say that the journey Russell and I decided to take this spring and summer tracking down all the Butterflies of Orange County has begun with a splendid start. We took the day to head up Silverado Canyon where the little beauty known as the California Sister is said to flit around down by the stream, and would you believe it? We saw only one Sister, and we didn’t even have to get out of the car to snap the pictures since our road took us unexpectedly right through the waters.

Don’t worry, just because we didn’t have to, doesn’t mean we didn’t get out of the car. We really, really, did :)


This is what I call a WINK:25

What’s better than driving through a river with a mom and one blue finger?6

How about a Russell and two blue fingers?   710

And suddenly there she was!98

Funny how the journey had only begun once we found her… 11151213Russell said “Hold this. Don’t smile with your teeth. Now try to look old fashioned.” Ha! I think I just look like an old flower child when my own flower child grabs the camera, but I couldn’t resist showing you how long my hair seems to have gotten overnight. My brushes cringe when they see me coming! 1

Oh how I love a good skeleton tree, had I known these beauties were here I would have attempted this canyon sooner!161718Almost done, just need to fill up our “adventure jar” with a little rocky reminder of our travels… 1920

and just like that, it was time to go.21

See that tiny sliver of road below? 14

That is the place from which we came and had yet to return, but Dear God I am grateful for days like these, and a boy like that to share it with.

And I should mention also a little impressed with myself that I had the attention span to get these pictures up before the last ten minutes of this day expire. 10 points for insomnia, and another 10 for the dreams I plan to have about todays adventures with the stinking boy and mysterious butterflies. Good night.

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Stefanie said...

uuuuummmmm when did that boy get so HANDSOME and so TALL????