Wednesday, April 11, 2012


By laundry and children and Angry Birds :)

And sorry I never answer my phone! That is for you specifically, and also the universe at large. One of these days I will learn to answer it, or teach my KIDS! Don’t you guys remember when our parents taught us “Hello, this is the Evans residence” or similar? Gosh even writing that seems so formal, but I swear it was something like that. These days if I do happen to catch a call while it’s ringing, usually I just hit the green button and start speaking as though I’ve already been on this call for twenty minutes, you know, right in the middle of a sentence “did you get that thing I sent you?” or “I just saw your email!” or “make it quick, the monsters are standing right here, breathing on me, and I haven’t got long to live…”

Anyway, the winner of the Wherefore Art Thou Romeo Giveaway!! It wasn’t random, I actually picked one because it’s my blog and I can. Shoot you

I can not express enough how much that thrills me every stinking time. The wording, the expressions, the layers of comedy! The artist is aspiring cartoonist Ryan and submitted by his mother MaryAnn, I’m seriously obsessed with it, and with the runner up:


which was sent to me by second grade teacher Miss Conley and is the reason I have spent the last few weeks randomly exclaiming “I’m a Girl!” while pounding my chest like a shemonster every time I think I might see Destiny out my window.  

Thanks to everyone for all the submissions! If you missed it, never fear, I am creating an album on my facebook to hold all the entries and you are welcome to continue emailing me or uploading boy or girl art of any kind right on my facebook wall. You never know, entertain me enough and spontaneous giveaway’s are kind of a sure thing :)


Marf said...

I thought I posted a comment the other day, but I guess the techno-spazz that lives in me must have done something wrong...anyway, just wanted to say yippee yahoo! Thanks for appreciating my quirky fun Ryan's sense of humor! Being a "winner" was just I needed in a loooong, stressful week for me!

Andrea said...

I LOVE them!! Does it comfort you to know that if I were a zombie, I'd eat your brains? I have been out of the blogosphere for a long time, I'm going to read down and catch up on all of your posts now :)