Monday, March 12, 2012

Wherefore ART thou Romeo?

…AND while you’re here you may just win a prize for your pint sized true love! (don’t worry no one has to kill themselves in this story)

Okay, seriously now, I need you to forget anything you’ve ever seen on A&E’s “Intervention” and ENABLE me, right now! by helping me get a fix of my new addiction…


Art by BOYS.

I’m seriously obsessed.

Boys!!! I have existed in a pretty estrogen soaked climate my whole life with two sisters and mostly aunts, and it would be a massive understatement to say I didn’t understand boys at ALL until I had been married for about six years, and only recently did I find out all of that information was misguided as well.

With the discovery of boy art, I feel like my eyes are open to their magical-stinking-dirt-splattered brains… and it smells like wet dog!

photo (2)

I like my husband so much more for the love of his son’s art. I always complicate a man, project the way a woman thinks onto them, but they are a different kind of complicated. Somehow it becomes clear to me in the details of Luke Skywalker’s helmet, the checkered pattern of a shirt in a self portrait, or the way that even name writing looks like some kind of modern art I’m too ignorant to appreciate correctly.

Yeah, girls are artist’s too, in fact my very own mom is going to be featured in TWO national art magazine’s this summer for the amazing work she has been putting out for the last decade (yeah, I’m totally bragging, you can see some of her work here :)

But for today’s post, all artists are not created equal, they are created AWESOME, and boy art rocks my caspa all over this town. Send me your boy art for an upcoming post! You have nothing to lose and this time next week you could win this:

Joel-Henriques-Made-to-Play-Book-Cover (1)

My friend Joel wrote that book! (and by friend I mean I’m a fan of his facebook page and sometimes I think we are friends because his brain is awesome and Russell and I have been stalking his DIY video’s for years, which is less creepy when we pretend we actually know him.)

Or more creepy. Send me your art! Upload it right to my facebook wall or email me at


Alissa Rae King said...

I don't know what yet, but I am adding some baked goods to this give-away because some of the art I have already been emailed is DELICIOUS!

Andrea said...

I would send you Olivia's picture of a mountain, but I don't think that it is appropriate for a family blog! (I did show it to you once, right?)