Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lone Star State

As I was brushing Russell’s hair just now he suddenly exclaimed “You know that my dad is going to die one day?”

Oh Kay.

What followed was pretty much like this:

“so, I was having this dream, and you know, you know? you know how my dad is going to die? okay, well, so in my dream he was already dead a long time, you know? …”

yeah, I nod

“so, I am going to visit him at his grave and all the people that were dead, weren’t dead anymore, well, except they were ghosts, so I got out my cell phone”

“When did you get a cell phone? Did you have a job in this dream?”

“no, no, no, no, I just had it, and then there were these ghosts and so I called 911 a million times and everyone was SLEEPING, or, not sleeping, they were all dead because the ghosts had killed them all, so I was like WHOA! and I was taking out my phone and taking pictures and then I had to run all the way to Texas because nobody knows where that is and then I was safe.”

The end.

Oh, and I may not have to go to the gym because of how this got my adrenaline pumping, and then how we fell in a puddle and laughed and ruined his hairdo so we had to do it again.

(in retrospect, the scariest part of this post is the part where I reference myself going to the gym.)


Lorraine said...

That kid may look like me, but the brains are all you. Has there ever been a greater illustration of how much he is your own dear child?
1. scary-ass dreams
2. some confusion about geography
3. he apparently plays some version of fatal frame in his sleep
4. an inherent sense of death and eternity

I am so so so jealous that you get to live with him all the time. When will he be old enough to put on a plane to visit his auntie and uncle? tomorrow maybe? Is it tomorrow?

Brookelyn said...

Oh man! I think I was just about to write everything that Lorraine wrote, except for the part about him looking like me. I can't really claim that part. He is so awesome! I hope our kids end up as awesome as him!!!!

Sylvia said...

Don't know how to comment except to know that Texas is a safe place, wherever that is. I thought that it was Iowa!

Andrea said...

Someday, he will grow up and be my date to scary movies since Brian won't go to them with me :)

padruss said...

I have dreams of Jon being dead too and stuff you know, like how he drives so fast and crawls under houses to kill ants and stuff you know because he wants to kill stuff and then he does dangerous things in my dreams and I say be careful but he says I am dead so I don't have to be careful and then I say is this a dream or are you really dead and he says hang on I am going to beat this red light and stuff.