Sunday, March 11, 2012

Be so quiet, I’m working.

My cousin Jack just left even though I could seriously stay up all night grilling him about the rad movies he always brings us and/or his L.A. love life, but we were all so tired. Which is why it makes perfect sense that I stayed in bed for all of 30 seconds and now I’m here talking to you, but hey! hey, HAY!

(is for horses)

I have to SHOW YOU THIS. Like right now, tonight. Yeah, I make the mean girl in my head be quiet by filling it with video of awesome pink girl. And, obviously, Billy Joel's greatest hits albums 1 and 2.

Prepare yourself, because this is going to blow you’re mind! She doesn’t just feel the music, it’s like my three year old understands how to perform interpretative dance to this whole song, somehow including the line “with the Don Perignon in your hand, and the spoon up your nose”


Oh, and I know I should feel guilty about the naughty word, but watch her face… seriously, it may be 2am, but this feels me with so much glee I have to suppress hysterics before I laugh too loud and wake up the sleeping pink rock star.

Rock. Star!


Sharron said...

oh, indeed. i particularly like her rock star sneer face, AWESOME, and her mick jagger stage strut on verse 2! fabulous vid, now i need to go watch it 99 more times...

Alissa Rae King said...

sorry, mom, I would respond but I actually AM too busy watching it for another million times. The pompous old man laughing with her hands in her armpits on the words "keeps me so entertained" does me in every time

Andrea said...

Wow! I don't think she (or anyone for that matter) can possibly get any cuter than this! She has the best face ever :)

Sylvia said...

Wish I knew the words that she so cutely emphasized in her fabulous dancing. Mama's/Grandma's girl for sure. Cute, cute, cute