Friday, February 3, 2012

The Force is strong with this one…

Let me start by saying I know it was only, like, two posts ago that I was complaining about that girl who always brags about her “girls weekends”, but then I remember I am only mad at her because I am jealous she has them so often. Then I remember I don’t need to have them as often because my friends are twice as cool as her friends, so I get all the goodness in half the time.

And that concludes my fictional argument with my fictional friend.

(You know who you are.)

Anyway, for now I will skip the gory bragging details about my fabulous weekend with Caroline Carson, especially since I am finally on the verge of completing my Christmas Slideshow sometime this year, and I will just tell you that the whole thing fits into what seems to be the theme of my life these days.

“Many Works In Progress”

I like spending time with the people I love. I enjoy the fun parts, but I cherish the parts where we spill our guts and then buoy each other up through a good snotty cry. Life will throw sand in your eye on one day, then wrap you in a warm blanket on the next, and even though it’s selfish, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one in a dysfunctional relationship with my existence.

Despite the swings, lately I seem more aware that everything around me is a work in progress, and if I don’t stay up too late getting depressed watching the Tudors (seriously, enough with the beheadings!), then all the “works in progress” really satisfy me. There is a little family, yes family, who picks up their daughter/granddaughter from Kindergarten every day and has lunch on the nearby picnic table. Little do they know they have become my daily zen checkpoint! Every time I breath in the smell of their hot lunch, I understand the conscience decision they have made to spend their time this way, and then make a mental note to walk a little slower to the car.

For that minute, as I hold the kids hands while we cross the street, I do it not just to save their squirrely bodies from running into the street, but because their hands fit into mine like puzzle pieces meant for my fingers.

And then we race home to the Work In Progress that has taken over all our art supplies:

photo (2)

Yup, that’s what Star Wars looks like through six year old boy goggles, aka Russell King!

Each of those characters are two 8.5 x 11 pieces of plain printer paper, taped together, and turned into PURE AWESOME. He made them on a whim about two weeks ago, then today we finally got our huge canvas covered with magnetic paint and had the characters laminated. Tomorrow we will glue the magnets on the back of the hero’s, and then he will paint the background… or better since he has requested to take his first stab using spray paint. I admit the idea of teaching my son his first graffiti techniques made me so proud we spent an hour googling street art when I was supposed to be making dinner.

Oh yeah, thanks again for the pizza Papa Johns, do you do laundry, too? If you do, I would say yours is a business model that is not longer a work in progress but PERFECTLY COMPLETED.

<sigh> a mother can dream… and holy cow, 12am, I’m going to attempt that right now, goodnight!

p.s. the Wookie is three pieces. it seems important to note that :)


Lorraine said...

I really like Russell's interpretation of Princess Leah being a lot like that sewer monster man from the x-files, but with cat eyes. Best Princess Leah I've ever seen. And I've met Carrie Fischer.

Alissa Rae King said...

What? When did you meet Carrie Fisher?! And I like the eyes, but did you look close at the buns?! I'm obsessed with her buns.

Andrea said...

He drew the backside of her too? Does Jon have anything to worry about? Seriously though, those are AWESOME!! He is so fantastic!!!

Sharron said...

LOVE THIS!!!! russell is a brilliant and wonderful Artist. and person. as is his mom!!! love you~

corey thomas said...

that is freaking awesome! Go Russell!