Monday, February 20, 2012

16 Dollars?!

<insert Jeopardy theme song here>

“Alex, what is: How Alice King answers any question that may or may not involve a number?”


“How old are you?”

16 Dollars.

“How many noodles to you want?”

16 Dollars.

“Are you ready for bed?”

16 Dollars!!

I’m telling you this because somehow over the weekend the planets aligned in such a way that it sort of feels like we somehow earned the lottery. You know, if you could work hard to win the Lotto, since the good things aren’t just happy accidents, but sometimes things do seem a little too good to be true.

My answer to this feeling is to join Alice in her random exclamations of “16 Dollars!” because I find something about it answers this mystical sense of wellness, I mean who doesn’t like 16 dollars? Plus you can spend it pretty quick, just in time for some angsty midnight munchies and hand wringing because today you found out the guy who’s been fixing your car for two weeks fixed it very wrongly.

Even more wrongly than my grammar.

But then you wake up the next day and the boy child has a great medicine day and the girl child is still peeing in the pot, and holy cow! I just found 16 dollars in the clean laundry!

That’s all, BIG SHOUT OUT to all the friends and family that have made this weekend so entirely 16 dollars. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

What doesn’t cost 16 dollars?

LEGO HAIR. Which obviously leads us to the Valentine conclusion of this post:

32 Bomber Jacket Torsos? $5.20

32 Rad Orange Pants? $3.80

45 Teeth Grinning Heads? $6 dollars even

32 perfectly parted 6 year old romance hair pieces? 18 DOLLARS

(you should have seen the price of the cowboy hats! 16 dollar bills don’t grow on trees people!)

One Individualized Russell Lego for each of his kindergarten Valentines?


I’m going to say it, PRICELESS.    

Especially when you add in a dash of Ms.16 Dollars herself:


Don’t ask me how much it cost me to make just 6 of Alice J Walker, because then I might accidently reveal that her hair doo’s were two bucks per friggen’ ponytail and then weep until I look at the picture again and remember how totally hysterical it is that Lego even MAKES pink Alice hair.




Sharron said...

YEAH! Awwwasome. Those were some LUCKY Valentine's day recipients!

Lorraine said...

I wish *I* were in Russell's class.

Kaytie said...

Omg! My class would love Russell so much! You guys win the Valentine's grand prize :)

KERRY said...

These pictures are awesome. I want them for my phone wallpaper.
You are the most creative person I know.