Friday, January 27, 2012

Caroline Carson

So did I ever tell you about the time my family hosted the largest three day bluegrass festival in Utah for a few years in a row? And how I never had the common sense to flirt with any of the musicians until I was already engaged to the festivals assistant director, and then I was so busy flirting with (and eventually marrying) him, that I NEVER flirted with any of them, EVER?

Which is why no one ever met me for fifteen minutes one year, then came back the next year with a song they had written about me and AND put on their new ALBUM.

You guys, my besty of 27 years is in my guestroom right now, and the only reason I allow this is because when she wrote down her name and number for the cute mandolin player, he thought her name was Caroline CARSON, and it’s actually Caroline Larson and I was able to forgive her for out-flirting me at my own damn event. Which is good, because after she is done changing we are going OUT. And we are going to gossip, drink virgin pina colada’s, and lament how old we are. And also how our non alcoholic beverages are NOT making us feel better.

I LOVE her. I’m so glad she is here. I needed this, and maybe she can talk some sense into the Rude Voice that follows me around lately telling me I should be better, smarter, faster, more organized, or at least STOP hating myself for getting my son to school 4 minutes late every single day for almost his entire kindergarten career. In fact she has already exclaimed that my house is “filled with heart!” and I’m sure later she will offer to help me figure out where I should start setting out Russell’s clothes the night before.

Because THAT is what girls do for each other who have been friends for THIS long:


I’m the one with the face. She is the cute blond beside me. Watch out weekend, we are going to vanquish rude voices, dream big, and eat an enormous amount of chocolate. YAY!


Sharron said...

Ha, I remember you two on this day like it was yesterday! (nice leg warmers) Say hi to Caroline, have fun! You will feel like 6 yr olds again in no time...

Lorraine said...

omg your outfit is so in again. those shorts with suspenders are SO FREAKING HIPSTER.

I like Caroline a lot. Good friend choice. I remember thinking that was awesome when those dudes wrote that song about her.

Also, I was 13, and totally flirted with all those musicians. that's bad.

Andrea said...

All I can think about is how you are talking about setting out clothes for Russell and immediately below you post a picture of 80's kids. You and Caroline actually look super cute, but... a few of the other outfits are kinda (read: very) questionable. I'm trying to think of something else to say, but all of the "autumn" 80's colors have confused my brain.