Thursday, December 1, 2011


Haha, happy December. Here are my favorite pics from Halloween that I forgot to show you.

(my blog really is like glimpsing into the chaos of my brain, only in my brain they are always serving root beer floats and fried chicken has zero calories and a full serving of fruit and veggies in each drumstick.)


That’s Russell with his class and The Worlds Greatest Kindergarten Teacher. No, that’s not what she was for Halloween, that’s just what she is EVERYDAY. For Halloween she was a hippie :)

He is a piece of paper. It was his idea. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off, but one $8 dollar clearance canvas later, and I think his friends liked it --->


Admittedly, his costume makes more sense when he has his “partner in crayon.” Now where in the world has she gone?


Oh good, I found her. She won’t be 3 for four more days, and she’s already a globe trotter. Where does the time go?!



Sheesh, this post is already awesome and it doesn’t even include the part where the Stewarts were in town with their baby SUSHI


I mean Norah, and how we went to the live concert for So You Think You Can Dance, and Nic fixed our railing so no one would come to our house and DIE. I don’t have pictures of that but you can see some on her much more timely post about the whole affair. I’m not lazy, I’m just… you know. Lazy. :) I have too many darn piece of technology! Phones, cameras and Jon’s new iphone. The pictures of their visit must be on at least 12 different tiny black pocket machines!

I have got to get a better system.

Like my sister who had THESE pictures in my email by November FIRST. Fab costumes and timely picture sharing? Show off.

hicks (2)

hicks (1)hicks (3)

I forgive her, because she is making small people who are related to me BETTER BY THE DAY. Sheesh, that is a lot of awesomeness for one Halloween!

No go enjoy your Christmas music, WHA-HA-Ha-ha-ha-ha…. (evil laughter?)


Andrea said...

It is crazy how much your sister's beautiful bumble bee looks like Alice! I LOVE Halloween, everyone gets to be creative and look fantastic doing it :)

Jes Myrick said...

Why can't my kids come up with good ideas for costumes. They are so generic. Ariel and Tiger Lily, LAME. That's who they were. And Owen wouldn't even put on the simple cape I bought him so he could be Super Owen. Colin wouldn't wear anything! Holiday's are funner at the Kings. I think it's that darn brain of yours moving at lightning speed coming up with good ideas. I need to get me one o those.