Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanks-give-away!!



I just added this book to the giveaway. Because it’s my blog and I can. Two winners will be picked on Monday, and one of those winners will get both books. Because the Monday after a long weekend needs a little sparkle, too :)

*** (I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog) ***

I don’t care if you roll your eyes at me (I’m looking at you, snow dwellers), in my 29 years in Utah, I was never as cold as I am in California!

I blame this on several things:

1. The palm tree’s. The unfulfilled promise of tropical paradise makes the cold and the dark feel extra rude.

2. I moved to California and started doing yoga and shopping at places called “whole foods” and eating bowls of oatmeal that somebody “rolled with a stone”… and lost 70 pounds! Which is, you know, great! except all I have now between me and the cold dark night is some stretch marks and a homemade snuggie…

3. Did I mention it’s a wet cold? Not a dry Utah cold that makes that “best snow on earth” powder, but a wet, seeping into your bones, cold? Again, I think this is the tropical climate playing a rude joke.

4. It is pitch black by 4:45pm. PITCH BLACK. I don’t remember that in Utah! Sure, I may not have been paying attention (this is me we are talking about), but 4:45?!

5. No snow. Snow requires fluffy jackets, scarves, ear muffs, delightfully pink cheeks and noses, and snot icicles. Here, I’m just trying to get along with fashionable little sweaters, knee high boots, and sniffles that would run unchecked without constant blowing and wiping. I wish I was talking about the children.

What I’m trying to say here is I AM COLD!

So why am I bothering you with this? What could inspire my pale blue hands to bang away at my keyboard? Because no matter where I live, cold means one thing: Turkey and Christmas lights!

I don’t even know why I’m so excited. I am SO not decorating this year! Plus any clever crafts are still packed up, we will be using this weekend to work on house stuff, and this is my first year of not getting everyone Christmas presents (you can read about that in this post, where shortly after my computer filed for a restraining order).

I don’t care, lately my cousin Emily seems to have daily facebook updates about gratitude, God’s love, the gift of HUGGING, and I wish I could reach through the monitor and kiss her cheeks I appreciate her way of expressing it so much! I’m too much of a Scrooge McDuck to post such things, plus I spend a lot of my free time in the emotional tug of war between my blessings and my trials, and mostly my ability to be worthy of either of them.

So today, and for the next 72 hours, I am going to try extra hard to accept my inner cheeseball and be thankful for all the things I like so much! Like Russell’s whole entire face, or the way Alice gets mad and says “don’t WOOK at me!” while stomping an entirely perfect foot in a cowgirl boot.

And since gratitude isn’t just something you get to have when you win the lottery, but something you should learn to practice in your little everyday triumphs, I have a book I would like to share with a couple someone’s who comment on this post. It’s called The Way To Love


It’s a shiny little pocket book filled with the beautiful last thoughts of a Jesuit Priest named Anthony de Mello. I’ve never read it cover to cover, instead I just open it at random for little treasures of hope and courage.

So let’s hear it, friends, what are you grateful for today? I can handle the sap! On Monday the winners will be chosen at random, unless I just decide to give it to the two people whose comments could be used as the inspiration for a fabric softener commercial.

Myself? I am grateful to be married to my best friend, the love of my life, the star in my Skyrim, even when I’m so mad at him I feel like I could suffocate him with just my mind.

And I probably would have loved him forever either way, but I’m also grateful I got one of those guys that LOOKS SO GOOD at (almost) 40.

Which reminds me that I am not entirely grateful that in a month I will be able to say I’m married to a forty year old. He doesn’t seem to understand how old that makes me. <sigh> He’s so selfish sometimes.



Kateastrophe said...

I am grateful for so many things but a few of the standouts are:
The cute boy I married
My amazing friends (you included)
My family
The fact that it appears I will make it through 2011 against all odds
My car (I love my car and I'm not ashamed to admit it)

Deanna said...

I too have seen all the sappy posts thoughout the month and wondered what I am grateful for. Well, here goes...
I am grateful for n amazing awesome husband (don't let him read that, it'll only go to his head) who loves me for me, even though I am a bit crazy and fanatical from time to time.
I'm grateful for my incredibly smart, sometimes bossy and annoying, but always wonderful little boy - who's not so little anymore. Hey really do grow up so fast.
I'm grateful to live (again) in he wonderful country of Japan. This place is amazing.
I am grateful to be an American and to have the freedoms I do, even with all the political turmoil.
I am grateful for being able to cook very delicious food, especially yummy pies. (If you came for dinner 10 years ago this was not the case.)
I am grateful for so many things, but lastly I am grateful for friends who actually get me to list what I am grateful for.

Alissa Rae King said...

Kate! I love your car, too, and I haven't even seen it! I'm simply familiar with your taste in cars, which is almost as good as your taste in men! I like that list :)

Alissa Rae King said...

Oh, I could totally make a fabric commercial with that list, Deanna. OR a car commercial! Car commercials are always proud to be American, right?

And I like the simple reality check there with your perspective on American politics, I just don't think of it that way, and you're totally right.

I like your list! And I'm glad you can cook now, but try not to rub it in, eh? Some of us are still just glad we found the yummy frozen food section of trader joes... :)

Marf said...

Don't know if you caught it, but just to be snarky, and to balance out all that gratitude, I post things that make me miserable whilst all the gratituding is going on. I do have a lot to be grateful for, number one should probably be all the people who love me even though I am often snarky. I am very blessed to have 6 fantastic children (plus a son-in-law, and a soon to be daughter-in-law) and 3 of the cutest grandchildren to grace this planet. I am also grateful that I do NOT have a thankless job. My fantastic husband and all those offspring are generous with their thank yous and their compliments. Although I am bearing down on 50 at a rate that seems to be close to out of control, I can still do a cartwheel, and occasionally am told I do not look my age. Life is good for me, and when it isn't, I choose to look the other way and pretend it is (I am thus grateful for a poor memory, and my mad awesome denial skills). Thanks for always being entertaining, you rock!

walkinblonde said...

I am thankful (among other things) for your Dad, (my uncle Russ) and some of the really sweet messages he's sent me since Grandpa George's passing. He has affirmed me and touched my heart in ways I have never known from any Dad, my own included. I have come to love and appreciate the whole Evans clan all over again, and in new, cool ways. My three Evans cousins are some of the most beautiful, unique, creative humans on the planet. Makes me proud to be a part of this zany family. Y'all are just good people. One of the best things in life (this is a recent epiphany) is to be inspired by someone. He did that for me. You all do. So I am thankful.

Andrea said...

I am thankful for LOVE and KIDS (even my own sometimes), your upcoming VISIT to UTAH (hopefully?!), the ATONEMENT and FORGIVENESS, I'm thankful for MUSIC and WORDS, the little BIRDS that my CATS watch out the window, I am thankful for HOT SHOWERS and BODY HEAT, real BOOKS that I can turn pages in and EBOOKS that I can read while waiting for the kids in my CAR, MEMORIES and MOTHERS INTUITION, I'm thankful for AMERICA and FREEDOM, MISSIONARIES and SOLDIERS, I'm thankful for MODERN CONVENIENCES, LAUGHING, PICTURES, BLOGGING, PHONES, FRIENDS and YOU (with or without your awesome giveaway). Love you :)

Carly said...

too many things to post...
so here is my top ten right now.
(in random order...)
10 not to be repetetive, but my infiniti suv. I live in it most every weekday. it gets me and my kiddos safely where we are going and in comfort.
9 brightstar wireless, inc. my hubs company. provides us with everything we need/want. plus daddy is amazing at his job.
8 church. as in on sundays. it keeps us honest, our sunbeam calling, and of course our meetings, ward members and sacrament. wouldn't be in the same place without it.
7 etsy. strange, but my little shop has pushed my creativly to a place I didn't know was there. and it's fun. and I get to do what I love and change my mind all the time. love.
6 my momma. she has done almost everything I can think of for me. and continues to help me in every way possible. plus she gave me amazing genes. if you knew my mom you would know what I mean.
5 mortgages. and the hope of buying a new home. my home is so important to me.
4 exercise. and it's renewing potentials. oh, yoga is top of this list. the self is a beautiful place.
3 growing babies. all four of mine are such beauties and I burst with pride just thinking of them. they are my life.
2 jesus christ. my savior and redemer and the way.
1 my jay. and all he is, will be and does for me in my life. he really is my eternity. its going to be so good, can't wait for it all. love you baby.

patking421 said...

First of all I don't want the books. I just wanted to list a few things I am grateful for.
1. Being sober for almost 3 years.
2. My family which includes you and your "old" husband.
3. God
4. Friends

kati evans said...

I am grateful for my sweet husband who still gets me excited everytime he walks in the room
And for his undying love and he blind eye to how age and bearing to many of his children has changed me throughout the years ;)

My 4 amazing children. They give me so much love and joy. They also teach me to see the world through their rose colored glasses

Sweet friends that I have met through life that are always there. Even if it is through quick emalis and phone calls. Miss you ananissa. ( the kids still call u that)

For adventure. You can not live without adventure.

For good food. Oh how I love food food

For my siblings. God knew I couldn't makebit through a crazy childhood without them!

And for the clouds. I live that that block the sun and make crazy shadows as they do it

Tara@Do These Kids Make Me Look Crazy? said...

Ahhh, let's see...I'm thankful for books. My beautiful, healthy children. My writing. New friends. Old friends. My house. My new business. My kids' teachers. Photographs. Cute boots. My heating blanket.

There's more, of course, but I need to get ready for work. :)

Kings said...

I am thankful for so many things, too many to list here. I am thankful for an angel baby. He's the happiest, most content, most snuggly and smily boy I've ever met. The best part of my morning is when we snuggle in the rocking chair before baths. He wraps his little arms around me and just squeezes! I love it!!! I have healthy, happy kids who teach me so much every day. Gavin is my rough and tough boy who is more stubborn than I'll ever be, which is why he wins most of the battles around here. Of course I choose my battles wisely ;) Isabel is the peacemaker of our home and my awesome helper. She always knows where everything is, what everyone is doing and how they are feeling. Collin is the brainiac of the family. He loves to read and we actually have to take his books away as punishment on occasion. My wonderful hubby has just finished up a master's degree. Despite all the homework and long hours this past year and a half, we all still know that in Daddy's book, family comes first. We are so blessed. We live in a house and neighborhood we love. We have what we need, and even much that we want.

Lorraine said...

I'm grateful for tivo, toilets and space travel. I'm grateful for a good job, and the dreams of having an even better one someday. I'm grateful I was raised at the Ranch, but went to high school somewhere else to set the wheels in motion 8 years down the road of meeting Dan. I'm grateful that cats can be trained with spray bottles not to do dumb stuff. I'm grateful for mom's piecrust recipe. I'm grateful to have two sisters I worship, and a cell phone to call them on whenever I want. I love you.

Brookelyn said...

I'm so grateful today that I logged in and looked at your blog today! But even more than that, I am eternally and forever grateful to you. Grateful you have this blog, grateful for your sweet children and the example you are in how you parent them and grateful to love them, including Jon and the extended family you've shared with me. I'm grateful for all the many life shaping and bosning things we've shared together and for the many ways you've made me grow to who I am. I'm grateful for loving you!

I'm also beyound grateful for my wonderful brothers and sisters. Man I iwsh that sentence could look and read as dense and emotionfilled as it is because they save me. They are me. Having them is truly pricless.

And I am filled with an unmanagable love and gratitude for this gorgeous, amazing little child of mine who I brought into this world and for the love of her sweet father. They are wonderful. She delights me with her breathing. And I couldn't be more thankful to be doing this with Seth. His kindness and patience and commitment to us is beautiful and make me one of the luckiest girls alive.

I am grateful for this life.