Monday, November 28, 2011

Grateful isn’t a big enough word.

Did you see them? Did you SEE THEM? The comments on the post before this one are proof of how totally awesome I am.


I am totally making this about me.

And HOW AWESOME I must be to have to have such grateful articulate friends!

You guys are devoted to your families, your country, your cars, and in Lorraine’s case, her Tivo. Which, you know, rocks.

Honestly, that turned into something I would never have guessed, and I found myself overwhelmed more than once at how beautiful and heartfelt they were. I really loved them all, and in particular, my gratitude for beautiful healthy babies has me a little weepy. And Pat’s 3 years of sobriety!  I am SO PROUD of him.

What? You would like me to shut my trap and announce the winner already? Okay, OKAY! Here you go, in traditional Rae of Sunshine style:

(p.s. let’s keep in mind I have a little cold, and now your job is to email me and tell me my voice doesn’t really sound like that…)

Untitled from alissa king on Vimeo.

**if you have problems with the video, pause it, let it load for a minute, and then press play again**


Andrea said...

Air kisses are a pretty fantastic consolation prize :) And I LOVE you curtains!

Kateastrophe said...

BEST DAY EVER. I also love that Russell appears to have been rooting for me.

On a side note, LOVE your curtains.