Sunday, September 25, 2011

Right ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy, basket stone extraction, cystoscopy with right utereial stent placement.


At least that is what Dr. Grunenfelder called it.

I just call it “What I did last week.”

“Kidney Stone” just sounds too simple, really. I even had them make me a copy of the order, which was so comically long, the nurse had to take a breath when she was reading it to me.

You know before I signed the paper claiming I understood what the hell they were talking about before they knocked me unconscious.

Hey, it’s cool, I didn’t have anything else going on last week. Nope, my days are SO boring right now I needed a little mind sucking pain to span a week of my life just to liven things up around here.

That’s all.

And maybe to give me a little of that perspective I’ve been craving. I’m sure I could write a long complaining post about how much it sucks to have an obstruction in your body so ridiculous that you’re trapping fluid in your kidney’s, but when I stop and look back on it?


And I live in a day and age when Morphine has been invented.

Plus Denise and Olivia were the two single best nurses I have ever had, and I had them when I REALLY needed my nurses to be kick ass.

Thanks for your prayers and cheerleading folks. This tired momma felt every bit of it, and yes! Finally, tonight, I think I really am feeling better.

(good enough to go take some pictures tomorrow? You betcha, only halfway through the renovation of the new house I have some “before and after” pictures that might give YOU kidney stones they are so Oprah worthy)

Yes, definitely feeling better.

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