Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pearly Whites

I don’t know what the best part is; the fact that the kids had no cavities (yay!), or the fact that they let the nice pink ladies stick sharp metal objects in their mouths without crying, wiggling or blackmail.

And were totally photogenic while doing it.

Just more proof that sunglasses make any moment, a “kodak moment.” Oh, and growing up the child of a blogger is, like, totally uncool, mom.


I don’t feel bad. Look at him! That kid might as well be at the beach.

I also liked the part where, even though it’s a pediatric dental office, all the other pink ladies kept coming in to see Alice getting her teeth cleaned. One of the giggling assistants said she can’t remember the last time they had a two year old they didn’t need to hold down…


The worst part is I think she actually liked it.

I should have suspected when I met her strawberry blond head, but now it’s clear; we might need a DNA test up in this joint.


Sharron said...

nope, no dna test, at least not for the fact that she's related to me! back in the dark ages when i was little (before they gave you sunglasses and you watched tv on the ceiling!) our mom took us religiously to a dentist we loved, Dr. Torgeson. I regularly fell asleep while having my cavities filled (no laughing gas then!) and when confronted with this fact i would always protest "I was just resting my eyes." then it became a family joke which made me furious. meanwhile, we named a cat after our dentist: Torgy

Alissa Rae King said...

Mom! Sleeping in the chair?! I guess being a wierdo skips a generation...

I heard stories about Torgy, you named him after your dentist? Yeah, Alice is definitely cut out of gramma sharri cloth.