Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Less Cursing, More Eyebrows.

Whoa! Sorry for all the swears in the post below!

(that’s for my grandma)

Well, a little sorry. Things around here are








Insane in a good way, but you know, there may still be a few curse words flying around so watch your head.

Anyway, I don’t have time for a super post, but how would you guys like a little peeky-peek into house land? Like, for starters, I’ve been scouring craigslist for some kitchen appliances when I ran across this listing for a SPACESAVER microwave:

"very nice model, great SPACESAVER, installs under the counter, perfect for your small kitchen"

And ends with

"must sell, it is too big for our house"

I might have startled poor Jon with the sudden choking/guffaw spasm that last line inspired. And is SPACESAVER a brand? Why are they yelling at me? Because they are frustrated they live in house that is too tiny for a SPACESAVER microwave? (If their house is really that small, they should probably whisper.) (I’m just saying.)

Also, we begin PAINTING tomorrow! Every wall, closet, door, ceiling, and cupboard of a 2700 square foot house. With paint I PICKED. No big deal, I only obsessed about it for weeks, including on the phone with my mom while I was trapped in my hospital bed in California, little color booklets in hand, while she was at the Sherwin Williams kiosk in Utah.

(thanks mom)

So… I’m not going to explain them, but these are my colors. Don’t tell me if you don’t like them, cause it’s TOO LATE. Besides, if I never have to talk about painting a wall again, I could live with that.




Yeah… they kind of don’t look anything like that on the walls, (or on the paint chips sitting next to me) so don’t worry, I didn’t ruin the surprise.

That’s all for now, oh, except I think I’m moving in about a week and I have yet to pack one box. What are you doing Saturday? You should come over.

And bring your friends.

Tell them it’s a party and I may be convinced to have junk food available while they bubble wrap my dishes.

Do you bubble wrap dishes for a move 5 miles away? Maybe you could just come over and hold stuff on your lap while I drive back and forth.

Gosh, that just gave me a total college flashback. Goodnight!


Lorraine said...


Sharron said...

ha ha ha lorraine, nice inside family joke, WHY didn't i think to say that to her in person when she showed me the chips!!!! btw, these chips look nothing like as cool as they are in person, i would know since i was at the new house while lissa painted large swaths of test patches all over the house using her THIRTY little jugs of sample sizes she forced the *kind* lady at SW to make up for her... It's gonna be awesome sis, Oh, WOOOOW.

Erin said...

I was promised cursing! Did I miss it somehow? I am SO excited to see the progress.