Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How many days has it been since yesterday?



Definitely four.

We started “kindergarten day” with an announcement from Russell that he might have maybe locked the keys in the car.

That was 7:50am.


AAA arrives (woo-hoo!)


termite guy who messed up some work on the house before we ever even bought it (and has since been lost in Germany for an unknown number of weeks), calls and starts screaming like a crazy person.  (woo-huh?)


daddy takes pity on my mental state and joins us to take Russell to Kindergarten (woo-woo! if you know what I mean :)


Obligatory 1st Day of School Photo Op!



frantically texting friends and neighbors to see if someone can watch Alice as Russell has a total meltdown of epic proportions


SO GLAD I sent that email yesterday so I didn’t blurt out something defensive or inarticulate in an attempt to explain the “epic proportions” and, instead, was able to leave Russell with his new teacher who is so awesome I could marry her, if it wasn’t for that afore mentioned woo-woo husband.


writing and sending 1st draft “go away” emails for the nutty termite dude to my attorney/contractor/DAD


hanging up with enormous relief that my dad loves me enough to not point out exactly how this is probably my fault, while simultaneously saving my skin with hours of tedious contract reading


called my big sister. we both have brand new Kindy-gardeners at the same time. power in numbers.


called my little sister, too. because I can.


arrived back in Russell’s classroom to find him tired and full of smiles and stories like a totally normal human being, and then I cried like a totally normal human being, too, because, GOSH! I just like his kindergarten face!

…blah blah blah, more stuff, celebrating shiny kid with a little fast food ice cream, errands, more dissecting of contracts…

Finally, we ended our day at our new “tree house” where we hauled out more flooring, worked in the yard, and went for a walk in the forest which was remarkable mostly because of the man we met walking with his dog. Russell told him we have a new house, and “we can go in the forest whenever we want!” so the man asked him “yes, but do you know the most important thing you have to do before you ever go in the woods?” to which he replied, arms flung open, “YES! You have to put on your CLOTHES!

Hmmm, with common sense like that, maybe I’ll just let him deal with the pesky termite guy….


Brookelyn said...

Can I just say that I'm glad you had a totally distracting and completely un-normal sort of day so that your heart wasn't just pining over your son being gone with another woman? AND you had someone whom you could have chosen to take out all your other anxieties on if you had chosen, crazy lost German termite dude, but you got to prove yourself to be the awesome human you are by not ranting and raving on him just because it felt good. And you got an all smiling first day of school picture. I'm jealous of your crazy topsy turvey day, and also sympathetic to you at the same time. (Yea for the totally awesome and understanding teacher!!)

jordan.spain said...

I'm really not quite sure how you do it all Alissa. I am honestly amazed by how much you can accomplish in one day.

You=Super human.

Alissa Rae King said...

wow! you're both so nice! i wish all venting sessions could always end this way :) no, are you sure you are both pregnant ladies? because I'm not sure if I said anything nice to anyone for about nine months. i was too busy eating :)