Monday, September 5, 2011

“Don’t EAT Me!!”

Otherwise known as the name of every game Alice plays lately. When that child is awake, the way the earth orbits the sun, I can count on her shrill voice calling it out with such clarity, with such sincerity, that often I can’t stop myself from checking to make sure she is not, in fact, being eaten.

For the most part, her yells are on behalf of some poor lego man who is becoming a plastic lunch for a toothy yet body-less t-rex head that she is obsessed with. It had a body once, but I don’t dare throw it away in favor of toys I actually *paid* for. Toys are no fun if your parents want you to play with them.

So “Nooooo!! Don’t EEEEAT meeeeee!”


“Wook, mommy! Wook meeee! …Happy Face.”

Those are the phrases that make up most of my day.

unless she is mad and then she says things like



“Don’t wook at me. DON’T WOOK AT ME!”

and don’t forget how several times a day she will point at Russell with one angry fat finger and count to ten in an attempt to control him.

Are you amused? Good, that means you passed the test. You are now qualified to enjoy this video:

Alice Draws from alissa king on Vimeo.

Happy labor day, people!


Sharron said...

oh dear, i may have a new addiction to watching disembodied spiders, people and dogs appear! "swimming"! i could eat her up, she is SO delicious!!

Brookelyn said...

Your children make me want this child in me to never come out. There is just no way she will be as charming, or cleaver, or as cute, or as entertaining as your two are. That is what I took out of this video and post.