Thursday, August 18, 2011

russell. can. SWIM.

Which is a good thing or these pictures wouldn't be awesome at all.


Everyone has been telling me this would happen, I've needed to find something he enjoys that requires discipline and listening skills (and where he is not so worried about being a clown for the other kids).

Swim is all those things! Something I don't find a little shocking considering we've spent most of the last two summers heading to the pool, only to have him cling to the edge in water wings, and shriek like he's in a slasher movie when even the idea of moisture approaches his face.

Since he was born, the tantrums he has thrown getting his hair washed have been some of the most epic battles in this household.

And now he does this! --->

Russell Can Swim? from alissa king on Vimeo.

Sure, it’s not the Olympics or anything, but, you guys! He couldn't swim just ten days ago. Like, at all. Then four things happened:

1. We went swimming at Lauren's house, they gave him a life vest, and he floated around and watched her and her friends do little girl cannonballs into the pool. (um, adorable)

2. That night he had a vivid dream that he could swim, and he said it felt like flying.

3. A week later, Papa Russ spent an hour easing him onto a boogie board, and letting him kick his way across the pool.

And finally,

4. We found a swimming school. I requested a male instructor so Russell would want to impress him. I can't explain exactly why I knew this would work, but it has something to do with Russell having a lot of experience with female authority figures.

10 bonus points for the mom lady since it totally worked! Threw off his mental game a little with the young handsome instructor, plus it makes it more fun for me to watch his lesson.


You guys, he listens to instructions! He follows directions! He’s challenged and interested, he's getting exercise while he does it! I take a book when I go, but I never even crack it open. I can't take my eyes off him! Who is that kid? The one who went from incoherently screaming "no FACE!" to doing... what? Is that the breast stroke?!

And finally, FINALLY, he now let's me wash his hair with practically no threats of violence from either of us. I don't have a video of that, but I think we can all agree that is pretty much the best part of all.

Oh, and this.


(in case you didn’t watch the video, and now you’re all, “wait! the video has swimming and stunts! alissa, you should have told us!” and now I have… :)


Brookelyn said...

Holy Crap, that is awesome! It may not be the Olympics, but watching him swim and float down the length of the pool as better than that to me!
congrats! What fun, new doors this opens up for all of you!

Lorraine said...

There's also a pink baby in a HAT! that's cute too.

I like the part in his swim lesson when he's floating on his back with his arms out- it reminds me of that scene in Forrest Gump when Lieutanant Dan is swimming in the Bayou at sunset, and Forrest says "Lt. Dan neva sayd it, but ay' think he made his peace with Gawd."

The busy little man with the busy brain looks at peace :)

Andrea said...

That Is Awesome!! I think it is pretty funny that his swim instructor had some random kid hanging on to his back that whole time :) Give that kid a hug and throw him in the pool for me.

Andrea said...

(give Russell a hug not the random kid)

Sharron said...

ha, now that i get to see his swim class it's all complete! great job to russell, his anxious ma, his boisterous grandpa, his uninterested but very cute sister, jon king (you somehow ommitted pics of him and russell in the pool with their epic bellyflops!) and swim instructor man with kid on his back. we're all just swimming monkeys...

Erin said...

Oh please oh please oh please can we go swimming in October? This is kind of one of the best things I've ever seen.

Sylvia said...

Congratulations! Give the handsome instructor a hug from great-grandma!

LM said...

I am sitting her all by myself belly laughing... "these pictures wouldn't be awesome at all". You are a silly mom! :)