Saturday, August 6, 2011

Prozac is a dollar.

Well, with my insurance and sales tax it actually comes to $1.27

You know what’s cheaper than that? JON IS HOME!!!

0805112152a (1)

We could have had a make-out session on the doorstep for a while, but instead we got distracted by the 20 or so MAGNIFICENT orb weavers decorating the trees in the front yard. It really is a thing to behold!

Wow, I’m an entirely pathetic person about my hubby. I don’t care. My days just start better when I roll over in the morning, reach out a groggy sleepy hand… and find only a warm dent where he was sleeping, so now I know at least one of us cares enough about the kids to get them some breakfast, and I can sleep for 10 more minutes.

How I love that man of mine!

Other things I love in my now ridiculously cheerful mood?

0802111645e Aunty Beth!

1 Spooky the Lizard Queen

IMG_4015 Alice the Beauty Queen

Yeah, she broke into my make-up. Don't worry, she only only ate a little…

and finally (he made this outfit himself!) --->


I call that one “Russell the EMPLOYED!”

Happy Saturday, peeps!


Andrea said...

I love that Russell the Employed looks just like a burger boy from the 50's!

Brookelyn said...

That shirt is awesome! They really should start paying him to make them. People would eat them up!!! hahaha