Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sidebar updates, people!

Long overdue, but worth the wait, we've got all sorts of new tunes and reads we are currently obsessed with.

Also (drumroll please), today I am unveiling a new category. A category it would be foolish to underestimate. It's called "Jack Movies" and basically it's a category where I show off how awesome I am because of the people I'm related too. In this case, my cousin Jack, fresh out of film school and already an award winning documentary film maker. He has basically devoted his entire life to watching movies, all so that one day he could help correct oversights in my movie watching history.

Like the fact that I missed Adaptation, or The Insider.

Everything he brings over is, like, super smart, but not too super smart, ya know? I mean, watching movies should be a little fun, and those movies? Smart AND fun. I dated a guy like that once. It didn’t last, it ended in marriage.


Jack also helps us to avoid future brain sucking disasters like the upcoming Captain Planet. I don’t even know when that comes out, but you better be sure I already have a text saved on my phone guiding me to steer clear. I’m sure if he turns out to be wrong, he’ll let me know, but he hasn’t steered us wrong yet.



He doesn’t like scary movies.

I will overlook this for now since next weekend he has promised to bring over something called Glengarry Glen Ross. I thought that was a typo when he sent it, but it snot.

Ha. Ha. Ha? Yeah, that was a typo. Or a joke, if you’re my six year old son who can’t get enough of the “I thought it was green, but it snot!” jokes lately.

Yes, I have derailed, go check out the links, they are totally rad.

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Brookelyn said...

I don't know if I can get on board with ANY Nicholas Cage movie. But....coming from you, I will try it.