Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Good Fight

Gah. I’m having a little trouble getting my feet under me. I might have a touch of depression coupled with having a husband out of town for week on our anniversary, buying a house over a month ago that we’re not allowed to step foot in until  “August 29th at 5pm”, still trying to make sense of losing a friend in that stupid car accident, oh, and having both of my small intense people climbing up my body like a rope ladder all day, everyday, until school starts September 7th, which is when, no big deal, we will have about 3 weeks to start and finish a renovation of said house AND move into it. On top of that I just feel like I cannot compete with the constant, unrelenting, flow of angst from Russell these days. I sort of feel like ADD is eating my little family for lunch this summer, and every time we almost get our bearings… well, we just don’t.


I know, it’s all a matter perspective. Another reason why my chemical predisposition for depression is a TOTAL buzz kill. Depression isn’t all that interested in the bright side, and in fact, wants you to know we’re all going to die someday and, as of tomorrow, there will be no more puppies or rainbows. Ever.

And you know what? I don’t accept that. I LIKE rainbows and puppies, and when Jon get’s back into town I will get my butt over to therapy. In the meantime, in between eating my entire months supply of dark chocolate by August 7th and watching reruns of Rosanne after the kids go to bed, I am going to continue making my dopey happy slideshows, set up playdates to get myself out of the house, and continue cruising amazon dot com in search of clearance lego’s and slip’n’slides so I can get more photo’s like these:


and photo’s like this:


(As Russell tells it, this lego man looks “EXACTLY LIKE COUSIN JACK!!” and then set up this photo shoot so we could send him a picture of his lego counterpart, although I do not recall him ever coming to our house without sleeves or with a crayon twice his size.)

I know, poor me with my awesome wild kids and clean running water. If only life always felt like a photo, we wouldn’t need prozac, just Windows Live Movie Maker. Hey, it’s worth a shot! Here’s your slide show:


What do you know? I do feel a little better. Hickman’s will do that to a person :)


Jack Major said...


Brookelyn said...

All I want to do right now is stop being an adult, go buy crayons and a slip-in-slide and take Gabe home for some fun with the puppies. I kind of needed that to feel like I wasn't the only person who could see why life should be more about sunshine and lollipops but was struggling with how life is just life and also hard. Thank you for being open and exposed to help the rest of us!

Stefanie said...

I'm sorry you're struggling my friend :( That stupid depression!!! It creeps up and can take hold sometimes :( Sending hugs and sunshine and puppies to you!! :)

Andrea said...

Holy Family Resemblance, Batman!
I hope you are feeling better.