Friday, July 29, 2011

Technology Rules?

With recent events, it’s probably obvious that “no technology week” wasn’t really a priority. Even so, we still managed to keep the electricity bill down, though I haven’t ruled out a total tech break in the near future.

My problem now?

Where on earth does this fit into the rules? --->


Apparently, Russell can build a computer from “scratch”. At age 6! Just don’t try and do your online banking on it…

Oh, and since I’m kind of on a roll now, here’s another song for ya’ll. Both the voices are mine and this is sadly unedited. I have yet to learn how to properly use any of my recording software. It’s okay, just imagine yourself on the porch after a long day of plowing. I like bluegrass best when it’s raw, like you might actually be sitting here with me :)

Someday from alissa king on Vimeo.

AGH! You guys will not believe what Russell made while I was writing this post! Check it out!!


Ha!! That’s Angry Birds on one very handmade iPad. Are you kidding me with this?! And look at Alice. No wonder they were being so quiet while I was busy neglecting them.



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Andrea said...

I love the song and your two iPad addicted children :)