Tuesday, July 5, 2011

she. SIGNED.

That’s my facebook status right now. I’ve reread it ten times to be sure, but that’s what it says:

she. SIGNED.

Yeah, I turned to facebook and Jesus in the final hours and I’m glad to report they both came through. Let’s celebrate!


Today I’m too freaked out.

Plus she still has 24 hours to totally lose it and call the escrow company to stop this. I don’t think she will, but after the 7 months we’ve had our offer on this house, the last two weeks when she decided to really stick it to us, and the LAST 7 HOURS that she made us sweat as the realtor read her every single word on every single page of the escrow papers, getting her to put her name on that dotted line is great… I’ll just feel better this time tomorrow when this deal is sealed up tight and she can’t undo it. THEN I will celebrate.

Like it’s the forth of July in my backyard!


Yes, that is exactly how I plan on feeling this time tomorrow. Today I will settle for cautiously optimistic. Thanks everybody! For all your nice thoughts, prayers and well wishes! I know I’m just lucky to live in a time and a place where I get to stress over things like buying a house in Orange County California. I’m a humble little girl, and I have a little more waiting and not a little work left before it’s even habitable, but after feeling thwarted and frustrated, I have to say cautiously optimistic is feeling pretty good!


Andrea said...

*Happy Dancing* YEAH!!!

family of Rays said...

hooray!! I am so excited for you. It is a beautiful house with loads of possibilities. I can't wait to see it after you add your sense of style.

Jack Major said...