Friday, July 15, 2011

The Magic is in the Details

Déjà vu? Yeah, I know, the slideshow covered it, but sometimes slide shows move to quick for all the delicious details. Since I only slaved over this shin dig a little bit, please forgive me if I take a minute to break it down.

The CAKE (bday boy did all that fab artwork on the background)

cake (44)

I used a round mixing bowl to make the moon cake, covered in cream cheese frosting and filled with ORANGE cake (from a box! check your local grocery store, it was pretty scrumptious!)

cake (1c)

I knew I wanted planet cupcake toppers, and almost went so far as buying a blown sugar kit to make my own planets when I realized, DUH, a small toy solar system kit from amazon would be fine. What? No cupcake for Jupiter? look again, the starry little cake is inside. :)

And, if you haven’t been there yet, I got an enormous amount of affordable, vintage, divine, items from Hey Yo Yo on etsy, including our little space cowboys, the popcorn bags we packed the sack lunches in, and the the “firework” on the cake.

cake (39)cake (42)cake (41)details (6)cake (7)

The tin cowboy? I rigged him up to be the moon cake topper and when you wind him up, he spins his lasso! Also, he was kind of the inspiration for the theme of this whole rootin’ tootin’ party.

Mostly, I made a lot of things. Including the holsters for the space guns (which we used to hunt the aliens. Of course.)

details (2)details (64)

And don’t forget The Rocket! (ingredients: 2 pieces of plywood, paint, mirrors, hinges for the wings and one fab handle from the clearance bin at anthropologie. Total? about $40 bucks only because I didn’t wait long enough for the mirror glue to dry and after they EXPLODED all over the backyard I had to buy them again!)

rocket (1)rocket (2)slide (150)slide (331)slide (222)slide (387)

Before blast off, as guests arrived we had “Space Cowboy Training,” which consisted of getting holstered up and putting cowboy stickers on posters of the Universe and watching “The sun is a mass of incandescent gas!” by They Might Be Giants. It was rad.

details (10)slide (301)slide (298)

Don’t forget our saddle photo prop! (this is free if your dad is my dad and happens to have a hundred year authentic cowboy saddle and Indian blanket hanging around. Literally, from the rafters in their house.)

slide (31)slide (101)

Yeah, he brought the sombrero’s too. That should tell you all you need to know about him :) Oh, and he brought the limes…

Finally, I am a big believer in giving goody bags at the party when the kids are on the last leg of their sugar high, and I am out of idea’s, so I made sure to stock up our little bandana bags with loads of seven cent space cowboy goodies from the local party store.

details (57)

Now I’m done!! Really.

slide (359)

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