Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two things:

1. I have a virus. It’s not a computer virus but the science experiment that is happening inside my face is so insane you might need to disinfect your computer screen after you read this.

I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this. I think it’s a bad idea to blog while sleep deprived, but I have no choice. I spent the night shooting Afrin and Flonase up my nostrils and STILL couldn’t breath since it seems someone has stuffed gym socks in my nasal cavity at some point. To be fair, at about 5 AM I noted that Afrin works better if you take the cap off first.


2. don’t even ask me about the house. We were supposed to close today. Despite the leakage from my face I went to the escrow office yesterday and today we were simply waiting with baited breath for news that Barbara had signed her papers, too.

Instead she went missing this morning. When she finally called she was three hours out of town and was calling to inform us that she went around our agent and called the escrow company and they said she doesn’t have to sign the papers until the 8th, so would it be okay if she signs them on Tuesday? Oh, and can we sign her new contract that will allow her to stay in the house until August 29th?

Yes. I’m having a pity party. For me that means watching entire seasons of Rescue Me because my cousin said it was dark and twisted and hysterical. You’re totally invited but you might want to bring hand sanitizer.

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Andrea said...

SO FRUSTRATING!! Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks, I hope you are feeling better now and that Barbara signs the damn papers soon! Keep us posted...