Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Slideshow Has Landed

But first let me say:

Never underestimate the power of masking tape.

Especially when preschoolers are involved and birthday anarchy is taking place. Although it should be noted that little sisters are immune to masking tape guidelines when presents are involved.

Just FYI.

And, yes! It’s done! The slideshow of the half decade is complete and I’m glad (and a little sad) to say that this post will conclude my work on the Space Cowboy birthday party! Also, for about 48 hours after the party, we kept remembering highlights… so I started writing them down. In no particular order they are:

Doug’s Shirt

Russell’s art on the cake backdrop

The Lone Ranger

2 year olds fighting over who had control of the rocket ship door (it got ugly, folks)

(well, as ugly as two tiny angry people can get)

(which was still pretty darn cute)

Lime Chicken Drumsticks

Doug’s sleeveless shirt

Sack Lunches served in Giant Cowboy Popcorn Bags

Awkward adult photo ops involving sombrero’s

Party goers old enough to scratch their names and smiling faces into a starry “guest book” 

Gramma Sharri’s jewel encrusted, donkey wrangling, cowgirl shirt!!

Gramma joining Russell in time-out so he “wouldn’t be lonely on his birthday”

Alice singing Happy Birthday to “Alice.”

One Seriously Toothless Birthday Boy

Three year old Owen’s first birthday party!

Owen’s chaperone/big brother trying not to look like he was having as much fun as he was

Doug’s sleeveless hillbilly shirt

The look on my dad’s face when I told him the man who had asked to see the real civil war gun he was wearing around at a children's party was actually an off duty police officer.

Little Cowgirls

Even Littler Cowgirls!


Doug’s sleeveless hillbilly shirt that his in-laws gave him for Christmas and meant it!

Cleaning up with Aunt Beth

At the end of the day, when the last person departed, Jon and I looked at each other and, without saying a word, realized we had not stopped talking the entire day, but hadn’t really said two words to each other. Then for some reason we burst into laughter.

and last but not least?

Papa Russ

yes, his mere existence counts as a highlight

plus he brought the saddle, cooked the food, and made sure the rocket was secure enough to keep me from getting sued

Whew! And that doesn’t nearly cover it!

What I’m trying to say is that, as far as parties go, it was okay. 

Enjoy your slideshow :)

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Brookelyn said...

I know I'm pregnant and all, but I totally did just pee my pants watching that it was so fabulous!

Where's the picture of Doug's shirt?

jacqueline said...

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! darling, your the best at all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it....XOXOXOXO Aunt Jacque

Andrea said...

I love his toothless grin in the last few photos! It looks like the bestest space cowboy party EVER!