Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Not that I think my post below came off as a rant about being a Stay At Home Mom, but I have wanted to add something ever since I wrote it.

I don’t believe in “Stay At Home Moms” and “Working Moms.”

I believe in MOMS.

My post below was about how I needed to give myself permission to blow off some of the responsibilities I’ve been piling on myself that, while I have small children, just aren’t a priority. If you work, you ARE taking care of your children. If you stay at home, you are there for a reason.

If you work from home? Call me so I can send you some love, because I don’t know if anybody can appreciate how insanely tricky that is.

What I’m saying is that you are awesome. That’s all.

Now here are some pictures for my Grandma :)



Lorraine said...

I miss that giantly awesome weirdo.

Jack Major said...

So I'm finally going to start posting on your blog since I no longer am on facebook. I never got a helmet that colorful!? Mine was purple...and too small. Shouldn't a cowboy be riding a horse too? Oh yeah I forgot, probably too dangerous since the last one I rode on almost ROLLED OVER ON ME... :)

Sharron said...

Jack, I FINALLY remembered the horse 'incident' you referred to! So very long ago, and yet you are still so scarred, I'm sorry. Little Poco (the horse) wouldn't really have rolled over on you, it was just a bad trick to get you to get off... Let us make it up to you, come and ride! And Lissa, maybe you better repost the pic of Vaquero Russell on Polly the mule, your future non-rolling trusty mount, Jack!

Brookelyn said...

Can I just ask what kind of dance it is that Jon is doing in the picture of Russel riding on his own? I know that Russel riding his bike should be the focus of that picture, but Jon's arms and standing stance are just to great to ignore... something he learned from the Village People perhaps? He did go to high school with them right?

Andrea said...

I never told him he could get so big out there in California without me :(