Monday, June 20, 2011

Long Overdue

Updates of all kinds:

Didn’t close the house! Lame. Jon caught a mistake in the underwriting at the last minute and is MY HERO for getting it straightened out. We will close before the end of the week. For sure. Probably. Definitely.

We have to! Since January we’ve been told that Barbara, the current owner, would be staying until August 8th, but suddenly began cooperating (or surrendering?) at breakneck speeds and will be out by June 27th… which means while we thought we had the summer to line up contractors and mull over paint samples, we actually have to be MOVED IN by August 1st to avoid paying a mortgage and rent for August.

At her house my friend Stephanie has dubbed the next few months “The Summer of Fun” with horse camp, beach dates and good times galore… she doesn’t know that I have stolen her cheerful phrase and twisted it to my own purposes. Because you better believe we will REALLY be the ones having “The Summer of FUN!”

We just say it with a smile a little too bright and eyes a little too wide, that’s all.

Open-mouthed smile

On other fronts, we have opted to take Russell out of preschool for the summer and have hired my teenage cousin Paige to take care of both kids 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, while we get this house madness under control. She will be here when Alice has her long nap, and we have purchased a few kindergarten preparedness kits for her to do with Russell.  

I have been torn over this. I want to set both Russell and Paige up for success this summer. I’m worried because Russell was thriving so entirely at Cottage Preschool and when he transferred to Learning Tree it presented a much greater bump in the road than I anticipated. We suddenly had old behaviors surfacing, difficulty scheduling private communication with his teacher, having the beloved teacher we followed from Cottage mysteriously fired after only a week with no explanation. Even when I asked, the owner would literally zip her lips and throw away the key! Who does that? I came to your school for that teacher and you owe me any kind of response. Oh, and one other small issue…

…involving the word bully.

I haven’t talked about this for a few reasons, the main one being I am not entirely sure who knows about this here blog. Sure, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but when you are in the business of owning a preschool and you find yourself in the mommy blogging era, you better be crossing your t’s and controlling your daughter, or eventually you are going to find yourself reading something you’d rather not. And since I am in the business of being a parent, while I was navigating the politics of our situation, I wasn’t taking the chance of anyone involved finding this.

I will revisit that later, school is a trick huh? And Russell hasn’t even hit the mainstream yet. Whew!

As for this summer, we have some challenges ahead of us and I have had a stupid epiphany:

I am not going to die tomorrow!

Barring anything bizarre or tragic, I have to stop spreading myself so thin trying to “Be All I Can Be.” I put my Etsy shop on vacation, I put away the recording equipment and list’s of café’s I’ve been compiling for some little gigs. I’ve finally (and painfully) cancelled any idea of making it to Utah this summer, and I’m only going to blog when the kids are really, for sure, being taken care of. You know, in bed for the night, with Paige, or reading Tolstoy.

You guys! I’m. A. Mom.

That’s what I am right now! I’m a homemaker! I’m not a feminist, and I’m also not June Cleaver. I shave my armpits too often to be the former, and not nearly enough to be the latter.

I have a lot of work to do this summer, but, gosh darn it, I’m going to enjoy it! I’m going to work hard and play hard.

I’m going to enjoy my children.

I’m going to focus on getting Russell back in Cottage Preschool shape before Kindergarten in September.

I’m going to dance with Alice whenever she asks me too.

I’m going to paint my new house crazy bold colors and hope it turns out like I see it in my head.

I’m only going to take medicine on days where not having ADD is essential, and on the other days I’m going to like who I am while I wander around the planet with good intentions, and maybe less than stellar follow through. My ADD self is just so much more cheerful than my medicated goal oriented super efficient self!  I think there is room for both in a home where







I just needed a little reminder. Contemplating putting Alice with her brother into a preschool situation this summer so I could manage all the things I’m juggling just felt so icky! Having Paige come help out in my home keeps me THE MOM. And making that decision opened my eyes to the limited time I have to do this job right, and how distracted I have been from it. Or at least spread thin.

So now you are about 7% updated on our lives. Stay tuned for the other 93%. I’ll get around to it eventually :)


Brookelyn said...

Can I come and work with you????? No, but seriously. Can I? I really have so much to learn from you and all your dedication to a happy healthy life for the people you care to.

Andrea said...

Yea for you, I have a hard time enjoying my kids when I know that I have 200 (self imposed) things to do before noon, but they are only little once, and I want to enjoy it too.