Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gold Star Moment

My friend related this story on facebook the other day about parking too far from the gas pump and only realizing it after she had swiped her card, pulled out the nozzle, and heard the truck full of construction workers next to her laughing and pointing.

I would have laughed at her clever telling of it, but suddenly my brain zapped me with my own “hysterical” gas station mishap memory. Ouch.

(I can’t believe I’m going to share this story, but here you go):

It was probably 8 or 9 months ago, I was running late for something so important I can’t even remember what it was now, and I had Jon bring Russell to me at the gas station so I wouldn't have to go home to pick him up. Russell got out of his dad's car and came and held my hand (bad move #1). Jon and I talked for a minute and then he left.

So now (brain damage #2), I'm standing there filling my tank with my kid out of the car, and even though we were still holding hands, (in moment of total brilliance #3) I bent into the car to pick up something for Alice at the same time as Russell decided to "help" me with the gas.

And pulled the nozzle out of the tank.

While it was still pumping.

You should see me melting into my chair just remembering it! Thankfully a woman in another car pulled over and screamed at me for a solid 30 seconds like I care what she thinks of my bad parenting. In fact, Lady, I'm hard enough on myself without strangers berating me in public while I try and wipe gas off of me, my car, and my startled kid, thank you very much.

So, now I’m late, there is gas everywhere, and I’m taking off my kids clothing in a parking lot so I can strap him in the damn car already. Which is when the gas station attendant finally moseys out (again thanks to the helpful Lady standing inside at the desk glaring at me between the neon beer sign and cigarette ads) and the attendant informs me that “children should really stay in the car at a gas station,” then hands me a small wad of paper towels to clean up the three or four gallons of gas on the ground.

Needless to say, this is a lesson you only have to learn once… seeing as how it’s a lesson most people don’t actually need to learn at all. And I hope this story makes my friend feel better about the car full of construction workers who just thought it was cute because she is totally a hot mom, instead of a car full of mean Lady.


Tara said...

You were totally talking about ME.

And thanks for making me look way smarter than you. Kinda.

Andrea said...

At least the mean lady wasn't smoking, I think she would have set you on fire! People are so rude. Now, I will go read Tara's post...

Andrea said...

Never mind, I couldn't find it :(

Taryn said...

That is a shining moment. It sure makes for a good story now though! It almost beats the time my mom left the gas nozzle in her tank and drove away, ripping the thing clean off. I'm sure that made for some happy times for the gas station workers.