Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Lauren’s mom texted me last night. Yes. That Lauren.

(see here and here)

So, the text:

“Lauren just said ‘I need to dance with a prince. I know who is a prince… Russell.’ She is in her princess dress up clothes. See you tomorrow!”

I feel like I should be mad that there is another “woman” out there who thinks of Russell has her prince charming, but if I asked Russell right which princess he wants to dance with he would also say Lauren.

Or Alice, he really likes Alice, too.

Russell and Lauren are simply the nicest friends! They are spunky and funny, they fight and make up quickly, and they are both hopelessly romantic for 5 year olds. Honestly they are just too cute for me to get too mad about it.

Anyway! I sat down to show you something that made me swoon and laugh my butt off. Russell has been making the most spectacular art lately! I say art, and I don’t care if I’m his mom, it really is! He made these for no reason almost a year ago --->


And his used chalk and cut up a photo copy of one of my mom’s paintings to make this --->


Oh, that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, but I have to move on because yesterday he came home with his first book. I can’t do the story justice, but it opens from the back, the title is “Russell” and it’s about “a boy and a princess and an evil witch, and the black widows come down and there is a big fight and the evil witch turns good, because she wasn’t bad, she was just sad, and then the prince and princess get married. D. N.”

What? DN?


“THE END!!!”

Hahaha!! Oh my gosh, his brain is the coolest brain ever in the history of brains!!!


I know. Awesome.

And if you’re wondering what Alice is doing these days, I can tell you what she is not doing, and that would be helping me paint a rocket ship in the back yard.


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Brookelyn said...

DN! Hahaha. So wonderful.. although Alice may be running around your back yard with her fabulous sweet Alice voice yelling, "Black Widow, Black Widow".. which I just wish I had recorded to play over and over again at Halloween.

You're kids-Are Awesome.