Monday, May 30, 2011

You get the glue…

I’ll get the scissors!

It’s party time!

So I got an email from my neighbor a couple days ago that said:

“I bought a Sarah Lee Cheesecake for dessert tomorrow night... random, I know, but I had a coupon. BTW... I think one of our neighbors is building some sort of spacecraft in their backyard!!!”


Oh, wait, she means us :)

(and the cheesecake was delicious, thanks for sharing!)

Russell is turning 6!!!! And we are gonna PAR-TAY!!!!

Before we get into that, let’s talk about birthday politics, shall we? I don’t know what you guys are doing around your kids birthdays, but I’m torn over how to conduct these shin-digs. It doesn’t help that I tend to go a little crazy around certain events, in fact the “Space Cowboy” theme is so ridiculously fun that I’m not entirely sure it’s not my own birthday party I’m planning. Evidence of that would be the other day when Russell asked Jon and I to “please stop talking about my party for a minute!”

(It’s okay, I’ll get him therapy vouchers and stuff them in a spaceship for future use)

So far, Russell has been young enough that I haven’t really had to give the guest list a second thought, but… what’s this?! Who is this big kid? With big kid friends? Friends that have nothing to do with me?! Oh the agony! And since we are talking about this, at some point do I have to stop kissing my wild boy right on his sticky dirt flavored lips?! I can’t bear it!!

Anyway, I have birthday rules. Because I’m a jerk. And I’m trying to suck all the fun out of the word “party”.

1. Invite as many kids as “years old” the kid is turning. I’ve more or less been able to stick with this, and gosh darn it if it doesn’t make total sense. Especially with someone as high strung as Russell, I don’t want him to feel like “Jam” at his own party!

2. Have the party in the morning or at night. You don’t think about it until Saturday shows up and you suddenly realize the party you’ve been invited to is smack in the middle of the day and you can’t really do anything else. And you certainly don’t want people to miss your party because of that!

3. Get the most BANG for your bucks!! I spend my dollars where they will be the most awesome, by making stuff myself, looking in unusual places for idea’s or decorations, and by inventing my own games that use cheap props or things I already own. Like Alice’s Tea Party, I already had the tea cups and costume jewelry, or at Russell’s Mario Party, the whole thing only cost me a piñata, and a few rolls of paper (and one cramped hand from using the scissors too long!)

4. Invest in future parties! Instead of spending a lot on presents or décor, every party I throw usually ends up getting one “fancy” thing that will roll forward into other parties. The soft serve ice cream maker I got for my own backyard party last year will live on at Russell’s party this year, and it didn’t cost me a dime!

And I am totally following those rules this year. Mostly. Except.

I have two guest lists.

And, you know what? I went around and around with this, but since we’ll already have the SPACESHIP, we are just gonna go ahead and have two parties! On the same day! I would be insane if I didn’t have the coolest friends on the planet. The problem is, our friends are so cool and we want to share our Space Cowboy Birthday Adventure with them! But Russell is turning six and wants to have a big boy party with his school chums. So the plan is one party at 10am to “high noon” which will get over in time for us to clean up, give certain people naps, and still get ready for our nighttime BBQ bash with the rest of our nutritious delicious friends and family! I think it’s gonna work out great because we will have big kid games and cupcakes at the morning party, but will send them off before lunch, then we’ll eat drink and be merry space cowboys and cowgirls with everyone else in the evening.

Whew, this birthday stuff is complicated.


you want a little preview?

just a tiny taste?

a glimpse into why we are already having such a ridiculously fun time and the party isn’t for 5 more days? Okay, first let’s set the stage:

invitation final for web

Yup, that’s Russell and a rocket picture I pirated off the internet, then I squished them together and ran them through photo shop. We have decided the way to do this party is to ONLY decorate like we’re in outer space, but DRESS like we headed to the Wild West.

And what if I told you I made holsters with $.29 cent pieces of felt and a package of shiny brads I got on clearance for $1.42 with an extra 25% off?


Jon picked the ribbon for the belt and it’s “muy perfecto”.

(And, Aimee? Before you email me, in this case, yes, I do think I will try an sell these on etsy. Maybe Adobe House would be interested in picking up this particular party favor?)

So what about this holster makes it appropriate for a Space Cowboy party? One word:




Besides being total fab for photo ops, we will use these in our alien hunt as well.  Think Easter, only I have 150 one inch tall alien toys that I will be hiding in the backyard which you have to “stun” before you put them in your bandana bag :)

Also, since I will probably be too busy taking pictures of ferocious space rangers, here is probably the only glimpse you will get of my totally stellar outfit. Don’t email me, I know it’s not my birthday. On the other hand, I did make the birthday boy and I think I deserve the appropriate accessories.





and Body:


I know, the shirt is a little much, but I kind of think it was always meant to be mine.

That’s it, now you just have to wait for the party pictures. I have to go, there is a pile of wood in the backyard that just looks like a goofy safety hazard and needs to be painted into it’s rocket ship self so I can put in the windows Russell made that look out to “space”:


I think if there was a portal window on his head so I could look into his brains, it wouldn’t look a whole lot different than those pictures. Which is why we are gonna celebrate so hard! He really is out of this world!!


Tara said...

You see, I saw the picture of your hair bow, but I didn't READ that it said "hair". So I thought it was a bikini top and I was all, "Uh-oh, she's THAT mom. Kind of like Stifler's mom in that movie American Pie". Awkward.

Alissa Rae King said...

Yeah, well, you are going to regret posting that comment, because now I'm pretty sure I need to get that MADE into a bikini top! That would be awesome! I could wear it with bikini bottoms and chaps like Christina Aguilera to stick with the theme.

Brookelyn said...

I do really hope that you got pictures of your fabulous outfit all together today because I know it was fantastic!!! I love all the rules you have and how wonderfully they allow you to pull things together and celebrate life so hard all of the time.