Friday, May 6, 2011

To Do List

1. I need to write a Russell update. Though the fact that I haven’t flown to my computer with grievances lately can be taken as good sign.

2. I have the most SPECTACULAR pictures of our Easter adventures. They must be slide-showed immediately!

3. Except, when I’m done with this, I am going to get started on my wicked Mothers Day post. Yes. Wicked. It’s practically going to write itself I’m such a bad mom.

4. I’ve been recording! I need to visit the wizard to get some courage and share some of my songs with you. I’m afraid what I feel good about in front of a live audience might make me cringe coming out of your computer speakers… yet somehow I’m still considering it.

5. We are trying to buy a house. In California. For, like, a half a million dollars or something. Which makes our options in Orange County either a duplex, a dilapidated fixer upper, an 800 square foot condo, or a boat. Did I ever tell you that people LIVE on boats here? That’s because you can’t buy an 800 square foot condo for less than about half a million dollars.

I know I’m not supposed to talk about money. I’m not supposed to talk about a lot of things. My ability to censor myself was never in any poetry that Jon has written me.

6. I need to write a post about how my husband never writes me poetry.

To be fair, I’m actually okay with this since it would come out like a haiku in zero’s and one’s. Better than that, he is trying to write me a blogging program for the iPad with his giant brains. And he DID get both the kids ready this morning so I would have time to brush my teeth and my hair on the same day! Possibly helping me feel a little cute when I took the kids to the Moms and Muffins breakfast…

Unfortunately, he strapped them both in the car and it wasn’t until I got there that I realized he didn’t put any pants on Alice. Yeah, no one was looking at my hair or my teeth at that point… just my partially clothed child. Maybe during all that teeth and hair brushing I could have spared a glance down at the pants-less child, huh?

Oh! And speaking of mothers day! I have the PERFECT gift for you last minute shoppers! Something that I can’t get for my own mother for reasons that will be clear to you in a second. I just finished designing a gift certificate for Vintage Aimee’s Haunted Glassworks on Etsy, check out these magical “Baby’s First Haircut” Sun Catchers!!  --->


Now head over there and buy a gift certificate for YOUR mom!! (Or yourself!)


Now you see my problem? If I gave this to my mom? Since Vintage Aimee happens to be my sister?

Here, mom, I paid my sister to make you something. Happy Mothers Day.” 

It would be like high school all over again, except I was usually paying my little sister to do my laundry (when she was done with my English homework, of course.) Not that I ever paid her anything, you know, since I never had a job and being a band geek only pays in lameness.

What should you get if you already have one of Vintage Aimee’s Baby Hair Suncatchers? Well, if you happen to have any spare baby teeth hanging around, may I suggest “Window In My Mouth” ? --->


Hand painted and embroidered onto repurposed fabric in a vintage metal frame from Pointed.

That’s me :)

7. Which leads me to the last “Blogging To Do” post I’ve been thinking about writing… it’s about how I will never try and make money off this blog from ads. Not ever. I have a philosophy that applies to me specifically, not all blogs. Mostly I want you to know that I gain nothing from you buying something I suggest here (except from Pointed, and you should buy three of those hoops TODAY. What if someone punches you in the face and you need a place to put all your teeth? You’ll be glad you got extra, that’s for sure). No, I suggest stuff here, music, books, Etsy stuff, so you will buy it and and wake up tomorrow just a little cooler…

It’s “cool” karma. Remember the thing about being a band geek? That level of nerd doesn’t go away on it’s own, I need you to be cooler, so I can be cooler by association...

Holy cow, I just realized I could have spent the time I used telling you what blogs I need to write, to actually write one. Oops.

8. Too bad, what I actually sat down to tell you, is that I have figured out the meaning of life! Serious! I even made a 30 second youtube video about it. I was going to show you, but this post is already too long. I guess you’ll just have to wait and hope nothing happens to my fingers before tomorrow. I’ll never be able to publish it if I have to type with my elbows.


jacqueline said...

Honestly this blog is just so clever and precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you two nieces are so very talanted I am so proud of you both...I get the biggest kicks out of your clever well written blogs LOL....I love you...Aunty Jacque xoxoxoxox Happy mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I have Dougs lock of hair in the stain glass now too and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

jordan.spain said...

Alissa, I absolutely LOVE your blog. It makes my day :) Thanks for writing and sharing yourself with the internet/blogstalker world!

Andrea said...

I could have really used the 30 second video, it would have been worth the extra post length FYI.