Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Computer Thing Is Giving Me Brain Damage

So, Kate told me about it first, and then my new friend Andy Richards from the flea market confirmed it’s awesome-ness. Of course I mean Andy Richards the totally adorable Asian girl, as opposed to Andy Richards the balding fat white man, which is what she says she imagines most people think she is if they see her name before they meet her. We met in the linen tent where she was scooping up lace hankies and doilies she is using to make hand screen printed wedding invitations. Seriously.

Andy? Let’s be friends forever!

So, anyway, what’s the big deal? It’s called Pinterest. You can see it here:

Oh, no, wait!!


You clicked that didn’t you?

Man, I should have saved that link until after you had finished reading this, you may never come back!

But if you do…

Well, then I have to tell you that website should have a warning message before you are allowed to enter that says “This Website Will Change The Wiring In Your Brain. Just FYI”

Why you ask? You looked at it without exploding? You’ve may even have known about it for months, and you don’t FEEL different?

Maybe. But I haven’t really been out and about since my new found love affair with pinterest, so it took me about half the day at Disneyland today before I realized what I was doing.  

I was “pinning”.

In real life.

I met up with a friend who was there with a lot of her family, after we were done with general introductions I said “I could have guessed you were Carly’s family because look at this group! You, cute shirt! You, great earrings! And you! Great belt!”  Spattering of polite laughter, pulling out some snacks, people breaking off into groups to go on adventures.

Fine, I mean, that’s fine! But in retrospect? It’s so obvious what I was doing!  I only wish I could tell them what a sincere compliment it is that I was pinning them onto my internal corkboard! But how could I? I still didn’t get it myself. I spent the rest of our visit chatting and scanning and chasing kids and pinning strangers into my brain. It wasn’t until I was leaving and a girl walked by me who was wearing something I would never consider wearing; skinny jeans with an ankle high sort of cowboy boot… and it worked! Pretty darn cute… which is when I actually lifted my hand to click her shoes with my mouse hand.

That’s when the day flashed before my eyes and I realized the sad truth! I am getting brain damage from my computer.

Will someone please tell me? Is this good or bad?!

I really can’t tell.


Kateastrophe said...

Don't even worry. They just released Pinterest on iPhone. Now I am LITERALLY pinning ALL.THE.TIME.

But I know I had brain damage before so I'm not sure if it's getting worse or behaving as expected.

Stefanie said...

I need to watch that video on a daily basis. SO cute! Happy Birthday :)

Brookelyn said...

Ummm...... I would like some brain damage please. Can I get an invite to pinterest?

Brookelyn said...

Brain damage Complete! I have my invite and have been trying to get busy... but I must go to sleep the nurses keep lecturing me....