Sunday, May 15, 2011

It’s never too late for Easter Feasting!

Especially if it involves calorie free feasting on delicious pictures of lean pink toddler machines and tall dark stinky 5 year olds.

I suppose if you’re watching your figure (or the amount of time spent on the internet watching my home movies), I’ve got a few shots I can share as a little appetizer to the slideshow!

Yep, I said SLIDESHOW!!

WOO-HOO!! <applause><applause>

Right?! Well, it’s my blog and I’ll be excited if I want too.


Before we begin, I must tell you a few things about this feast: this Easter was done in two parts, one was clean and crowded, while the other was dirty and awesome. If you put them together you end up with my grandma’s mac’n’cheese and my mothers pie crust cookies for dessert, so you better get a fork!

First, we went to a local park for a giant Easter egg hunt… it was so crowded that after the kids filled their baskets we actually walked away from the crowds and used all their goodies to set up a second hunt.

So I could take pictures.

It was a win/win! And when the boys were doing their hunt, the girls wandered off, so I got some good pictures of the big boy bringing in the pink adventurer’s (let’s not pass out any awards just yet, I’m pretty sure it only worked because we held the candy ransom.)

Then We Went Camping.

We wore the same clothes for three days, threatened small boys within in a inch of their lives if they giggled one more time at 5 am, cooked marshmallows and pieces of pepperoni on sticks over the fire until my pants didn’t fit anymore, chased the Easter bunny on a mile long scavenger hunt that led back to the campground which was now filled with camouflaged eggs, and all that was followed by an impromptu dance party and bubble snatching…

I think…

Gosh, I feel like I’m forgetting something…

OH! And I made a wedding cake!

Well, anniversary cake anyway, for Doug and Stacy! With whoopee pies, Easter candy, and (of course!) Polly Pockets on top.

It might have been the highlight of my culinary career so far.

Enough. Enjoy the feast! (click on any picture to go to the slideshow :)

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Oh, and instead of taking away the roly poly bug from the fat baby fingers below, I decided to take a picture instead. Her parent’s don’t know about this.


Well, at least they didn’t.

Ha! Now go watch the slideshow!

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Sharron said...

NICE!! one of your best slideshows ever, and that's saying a lot! glad i got to be there for ONE of the hunts in person. i could eat up all 5 of our grandkids for my easter hunt and have a diabetic high to prove their sweetness. our fam might be a tad bit preoccupied with eating up the children... maybe we are descended from the witch in hansel & gretel. Love You!